RSH’s Interview with Justin Credible

A few weeks ago an episode of Dark Side of the Ring called “Plane Ride from Hell” got the wrestling world buzzing (pun intended). This episode sent shockwaves through the wrestling world leading to Tommy Dreamer being suspended from Impact Wrestling and Busted Open and Ric Flair being pulled from numerous appearances. Justin Credible was a huge part of this episode and was nice enough to join us to talk about the show amongst other wrestling stories. This was a fun show and make sure to check out the full show at the bottom of the page. Here is the interview.

WWE Plane Ride From Hell: What Did Dark Side of the Ring Not Tell Us?

Question: What were your thoughts on the episode?

Justin: I forgot about a lot of stuff that went on. It was 20 something years ago. You just typically remember the stuff you saw. I didn’t even remember the plane was delayed.

Question: Did you expect this episode to cause the stir in the wrestling world that it did?

Justin: I didn’t. That story has been around for ages. It was on Ric Flairs ESPN “30 for 30”. The difference was this lady was on this piece and it traumatized her and put a name to the face and shows her hurting after all these years. I don’t think we initially thought about that. It just became something different. I see why people are upset it was a terrible thing that happened.

Question: Was Vince McMahon on the plane? We have seen numerous people come out and say he wasn’t.

Justin: There are two plane rides. Vince and Brock got into it. Not on this flight. I don’t think it was on “The Plane Ride from Hell”.

Question: Do you think there will be any fallout from interviews in the future (Flair, Dreamer)?

Justin: Ric Flair won on this even though Ric Flair was the one who did something wrong. He got away scot-free. Tommy Dreamer had nothing to do with this. He made an offhanded comment and lost his job at IMPACT and was suspended at Busted Open. Tommy embodies the good of pro wrestling. He is a real professional wrestler.

Question: Wrestling podcasts have mentioned that some stories have been lumped into “the Plane Ride From Hell”. Are there any other stories you have from flights from Europe?

Justin: Nothing that would bring anything positive to light. If I can’t bring positivity to anything then there is no point.

Question: How in the hell did you manage to get Scott Hall through the airport?

Justin: It was like the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

Plus Justin’s thoughts on Vince McMahon and the mafia, how Justin got his job and much more check the episode out below

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