Fantasy Football: Start/Sit Week 4

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Now, let me tell you a little bit about my start/sit column. Each week I will be giving my top 3 starts & my top 3 sits at each position. There will be a start & sit of the week at each position with projections. My column will not include the automatic starters. Automatic starters are guys you don’t bench unless they’re injured or on a bye week. I am going to give 2 examples of automatic starters at each position. QB: Josh Allen & Patrick Mahomes, RB: Christian McCaffery & Dalvin Cook, WR: Tyreke Hill & Stefon Diggs, TE: Travis Kelce & George Kittle, K: Justin Tucker & Harrison Butker. For defenses, Pittsburgh Steelers & Los Angeles Rams. Now, I’ve added a twist to my article that will mention a sleeper of the week at each position who did not make my top 3 starters list. Also, a player that is most likely on the waiver wire that you can stream if you’re in a jam at a position. So, who’s ready for Week 4.


Derek Carr vs. LAC

Projection: 28/34 | 405 YDS | 3 TDS | 4 CAR | 25 YDS | 1 TD

Carr had a slow start last week but ended up having a good fantasy day. This week he gets the Chargers their defense isn’t too good. This game will be a shootout and Carr will have a career day. If you got him you need to start him if you don’t and he is on the waiver wire still pick him up and start him.

Joe Burrow vs. JAX

Burrow and the Bengals are much better than people thought. Burrow gets a Jaguar’s defense and he will tear apart limb by limb. Remember good teams beat bad teams.

Tom Brady vs. NE

Brady versus Belichek the matchup we have been waiting for. This week Brady will lay the smackdown and teach Belichek a lesson he will never forget. It will be one of the worst days for Belichek in his career and it will be one of the best days of Brady’s career. Brady will light up the Patriots so don’t miss out on his stunning fantasy football numbers.


Trevor Lawrence vs. CIN

Projection: 18/41 | 226 YDS | 1 TD | 4 INTS

The Bengal’s defense is better than everyone gives them credit for. Lawrence will witness that first hand as he will have the worst day of his young career. So Lawrence fantasy owners should be cautious because what seems like a good fantasy football matchup in all reality is a trap.

Jalen Hurts vs. KC

Hurts looked like a rookie against the Cowboys Monday night and he kinda is because just remember he has had only 7 career NFL starts. So he is still trying to figure out defenses. Kansas City’s defense will confuse him this week as well. Hurts should be await and see fantasy football QB until you see he is consistently figuring out defenses.

Baker Mayfield vs. MIN

Mayfield will struggle this week against a solid Vikings defense. Mayfield lost Landry for a while so that means the Viking’s defense will double team Odell and force Mayfield to look for someone else in the passing game which will spell trouble for Mayfield. Plus I believe the Browns will focus more on their strength in the run game.


Taylor Heinicke vs. ATL

Taylor has been under the radar good fantasy football QB this season so far. He has utilized his weapons well. So if you want to take a flier on someone because of matchups pick up and start Heinicke you won’t be disappointed


David Montgomery vs. DET

Projection: 26 CAR | 134 YDS | 4 REC | 39 YDS

Montgomery will be the center point of this offense until Fields can get his NFL legs under him. This week they get terrible Lions defense and Montgomery will pick them apart piece by piece.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire vs. PHI

CEH had a good game last week and he will build on that this week against the Eagle’s horrible run defense. CEH will put up some of the best numbers of his career against the Eagles.

Kareem Hunt vs. MIN

Hunt had a monster game last week. This week he will have another one of those games. In my opinion, Hunt should be started every week even though he shares the backfield with Chubb because the Browns are a run-first offense.


Myles Gaskins vs. IND

Projection: 10 CAR | 37 YDS | 3 REC | 19 YDS

Gaskins will be hit and miss this season. This week he will be a miss because the Indy defense will stack the box and stop the run to make the Dolphins pass game beat them. Also, there is a running back by committee going on right now which is why he is hit or miss as well. I believe he should be the main back and until he is he should stay on the bench in fantasy football lineups.

Damien Harris vs. TB

Harris has been decent but this week he will run into a brick wall against Tampa’s top-notch run defense. Also, this game will be out of hand early and the Patriots will be forced to rely on their pass game for most of the game.

Melvin Gordon vs. BAL

Gordon splits the backfield with Javonte and I believe it is just a matter of time before Javonte takes over the Broncos backfield. This week they run into a solid Ravens defense. Both Broncos running backs should be avoided.


Chuba Hubbard vs. DAL

McCaffery is out again so this opens the door for rookie Chuba Hubbard in fantasy football. He is available in almost all fantasy football leagues and should be picked up and started right away.


Terry McLaurin vs. ATL

Projection: 14 REC | 165 YDS | 3 TDS

McLaurin is a target machine this week against a trashy Falcons defense he will turn all of those targets into a monster career day. Heinicke is a more than capable QB he has proven that the last couple of weeks so therefore the QB play should never be doubted in the future. McLaurin will be the fantasy football MVP this week.

Ja’Marr Chase vs. JAX

Chase has been the most consistent rookie in fantasy football. Chase will keep that consistency up against a horrid Jaguars defense. Start Chase this week and for the rest of the season with confidence.

Mike Evans vs. NE

A lot of people say that Evans is inconsistent in fantasy football but Evans is a more consistent fantasy football WR than anyone even realizes. He has always been one of Brady’s go-to guys in the red zone. Evans will have another good game against Brady’s former team. So fantasy football owners please stop doubting him and start him every week unless he is on bye or injured.


Odell Beckham Jr. vs. MIN

Projection: 5 REC | 47 YDS

Odell will draw a lot of attention from the Viking’s defense. He will be double-teamed almost all game by the Viking’s secondary forcing Mayfield to look elsewhere in the passing game. Odell will make a few catches but not enough to be fantasy football relevant.

Chase Claypool vs. GB

Roethlisberger looks like a shell of his former self and should have retired because of that avoid Claypool he has been a disappointment in his second year in fantasy football but it’s not his fault because of the play around him. The running game offensive line and quarterback play have been all underachieving. So until any of this shows improvement I would avoid starting Claypool in fantasy football.

Brandin Cooks vs. BUF

Cooks has been really good this season but I am shying away from him this week only because he will have White shadowing him all game. So avoid him for that reason.


Marquez Valdes-Scanting vs. PIT

MVS is a guy you want to pick up and start at WR this week because the Steelers pass defense is really good but it tends to struggle on the deep ball and that is where MVS shines. So if you want a good matchup play this week pick up MVS you won’t regret it.


Dawson Knox vs. HOU

Projection: 5 REC | 55 YDS | 2 TDS

Knox has put together back-to-back good games in the last couple of weeks. Allen has been looking in his way more and more so I believe that he is going to be a more consistent target the rest of the way. Knox faces a dismal Texans defense this week and he will have his best game of the season.

Rob Gronkowski vs. NE

This is not only a statement game for Brady against Belichek but it is for Gronk as well. He is Brady’s #1 target in the end zone. Gronk will also shove it in Belichek face and have a monster game against his former coach.

Tyler Higbee vs. ARI

Higbee is one of the most targeted guys on this Rams offense. Targets lead to catches and then catches produce yards and touchdowns and all that combined leads to big games. So Higbee is going to be one of the top fantasy football tight ends this season. Also, this game will be a high-scoring affair against Arizona so that adds another reason why to start Higbee.


Kyle Pitts vs. WAS

Projection: 2 REC | 12 YDS | 1 FUM | 1 FL

What do Pitts and the Pittsburgh Steelers have in common? They have both been huge disappointments this season. So bench Pitts in fantasy football this week because he has a bad matchup against a stout Washingtons’ defense. On a side note, I would bench Pitts until his fantasy football numbers start to turn around.

Mark Andrews vs. DEN

Andrew has been a huge disappointment for fantasy football owners this season as well. This week they’re facing one of the toughest defenses in the NFL. So don’t look for him to have a good game this week either. Now I’m not saying to bench Andrews permanently because I believe that he will eventually break out of this funk he is on. I’m just saying it won’t be this week that he breaks out of it so if you have a better option at tight end this week than bench Andrews.

Gerald Everett vs. SF

Wilson has been known for using his tight ends a lot but this season he seems to be shying away from it so you should shy away from Everett in fantasy football until that changes if it even changes at all this season.


Anthony Firkser vs. NYJ

If you play matchup at the tight end position in fantasy football and you want a sneaky sleeper this week I suggest you go with Firkser because he is up against a hopeless Jets defense so grab him before someone else does this week.

For Kickers and Defense. I’m only going to give a projection and an Explanation for the starts/sits of the week. The rest of the top 3 will just be listed with no explanation.


Ryan Succop vs. NE

Projection: 5 XP | 2 FGS

So I have told you to start Brady, Evans, Gronk, and yes now I am saying start Succop as well. Like I said this will be a game that Belichek will want to forget but never will.

Matt Prater vs. LAR

Rodrigo Blankenship vs. MIA


Nick Folk vs. TB

Projection: 1 XP | 1 MFG

The Patriots won’t do much offensively or score too many points either which means not too many points for their kicker Folk either. So just leave him alone this week.

Robbie Gould vs. SEA

Graham Gano vs. NO


Dan Carlson vs. LAC

Carlson is a kicker who is under the radar good and if you play matchups at kicker then pick up and start Carlson because the Raiders Chargers game will be a shootout.


Tampa Bay vs. New England

Projection: 7 PTS | 245 YDS | 6 SKS | 3 INTS | 2 FF | 2 FR | 2 TDS

So I told you to start all of those other Buccaneers so why not tell you to start their defenses as well. Now I know they haven’t played great this season but this game is different because they want to win it for Brady and Gronk. So they will put out their most dominant performance since Brady signed with the team. It is going to be a historic day for the Buccaneer’s defense and one that Brady and the Buccaneers will make sure Belichek never forgets. It will be the Patriot’s worse offensive performance since Belichek took over as head coach for the team. So just ride the Buccaneers to a week 4 fantasy football win.

New Orleans vs. New York Giants

Buffalo vs. Houston


New England vs Tampa Bay

Projection: 41 PTS | 580 YDS | 2 SKS

The Patriot’s defense won’t fair much different than their offense did against the Buccaneer’s defense. Also, this going to be one of the Patriot’s worst defenses performance since Belichek took over as the team’s head coach. Just avoid all Patriots in fantasy football this week.

Philadelphia vs. Kansas City

Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay


Cincinnati vs. Jacksonville

Bengals’ defense has been under the radar good so far this season. This week they play the Jaguars which is an excellent matchup. So if you are one of those people who streams defenses according to matchups then pick up the Bengals defense and start them. This will be a very sneaky and smart play for fantasy football owners.

I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope all of my week 4 start/sit advice helps everyone. I’ll be back next week with more fantasy start/sit advice.

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