Bruno Mars | Top 10

What’s that? Is it another Top 10 you want? Well, its your lucky day because I’ve got a good one for you. This Top 10 list is featuring one of the most talented musicians and singers on the planet – Bruno Mars. Bruno is one of my favorite artists and has a song that you can listen to in just about any type of mood you are in; which is good when you’re a sassy, moody guy like myself. This was one of my more difficult Top 10 lists to put together due to the huge amount of great songs to choose from, but I did what I always do and narrowed it down for all of you. Be sure to comment at the bottom of the page and let me know what you think of the list and check out all my previous Top 10s as well. Talk is done, let’s get to my Bruno Mars Top 10!

10) The Lazy Song

9) Treasure

8) It Will Rain

7) When I Was Your Man

6) That’s What I Like

5) Gorilla

4) Locked Out of Heaven

3) Grenade

2) Leave The Door Open featuring Anderson Paak and Silk Sonic

1) Just the Way You Are

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