My Perfect NHL Team

With both the Expansion Draft and Entry Draft looming, there’s plenty of action that awaits in the NHL during this off-season. As several teams await to see who the Seattle Kraken will take from the players left exposed, the next step will be to make moves in an effort to be within the salary cap limitations by the start of the season. Of course, with all the chatter about the Stanley Cup Champion, Tampa Bay Lightning, being $18M over cap due to a loophole caused by the LTIR status – I decided to take a look at putting together what I feel is the “perfect” NHL team if there were no cap restrictions. This was fun and I feel like my next efforts will be put into building the “perfect” team within the $81.5M cap ceiling. So check it out and let me know what you think!

I came up with a 22-man roster – nobody’s allowed to get hurt! Well, I also managed to hide a RW and G on LTIR because I can. So anyways, here it is – coming in at $76,145,473 OVER cap!

It’s crazy how there can be SO many options if there was no salary cap in the NHL. It would be absolute mayhem. Although, with player salaries climbing to insane numbers after their ELCs, at some point, the cap will come closer to that $100M mark which will make things interesting. But I think we are quite a ways away from that ever happening.

So there you have it. If you’d like to put together your team – CapFriendly’s Armchair-GM allows you to enter a cap number. It has to be a full number – no decimals allowed (so in this case I entered $81) which means technically, I was only $75,645,473 over the cap if you take that $500,000 into consideration! Anyways, once you enter that info you can pick your team among RFAs & UFAs, only RFAs, or only UFAs. It sorts by player’s last name, age, or cap hit as well as positions and teams. It’s a pretty neat tool they’ve developed. It even goes as far as letting you setup your special teams and a Taxi Squad.

So go ahead, give it a shot!

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