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We are on the cusp of the end of the “Thunderdome” era and being back to having live fans again which is great news for wrestling fans. More great news, is that the WWE has already said they will do a draft sometime at the end of August. Yes I know, the WWE doesn’t always hit home runs when it comes to these drafts but I know I’m not the only one that thinks these rosters need to be refreshed and replenished. With all the rumors floating around and all the NXT superstars that have been working out on WWE Main Event and whatnot, I figured this is a great time for me to tell you all the moves I think they must make on Raw and Smackdown.

That way, if I do them now you can’t say I cheated haha!

With Monday Night Raw being inconsistent each week and Smackdown clearly being the superior show of the two, I do emphasize retooling Raw more so than Smackdown. NXT call ups, of course, will be a part of this – but I won’t be sending any superstars down to NXT as they have signed a few new classes and will use them to replenish their system.

Well here we go and let’s start with Monday Night Raw…

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Karrion Kross & Scarlett

Karrion Kross on working with Scarlett in NXT

I’m not really going out on a limb here but whether Kross loses the NXT Championship to Johnny Gargano or not, I do expect him to lose it soon and move onto the main roster and Raw desperately could use both Kross and Scarlett. Kross has ‘superstar’ written all over him and Scarlett can add a fresh face and depth to a Raw women’s division that desperately needs it. Kross/Scarlett vs Fiend/Alexa down the line anyone?

Finn Balor

The Real-Life Diet of WWE Star Finn Bálor, Who Doesn't Have a Workout Plan  | GQ

It’s time for “The Prince” to return to the red brand to reclaim what he never lost. Also, don’t forget the unfinished business he has with The Fiend after getting dismantled by him at Summerslam a few years ago. A revisited NXT feud between Balor and Kross could be fun on the main roster too.


I will never forgive you" - Bayley sends a message to WWE Hall of Famer  Beth Phoenix

Needing to get away from Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair by any means necessary, I see Bayley moving to Raw. Bayley has exhausted feuding with both those women and a move to Raw would open her up to a clean slate with new matchups.

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens | WWE

Kevin Owens just strikes me as a “Monday Night Raw” kinda guy. Owens is one of the most entertaining and best wrestlers the WWE has on their roster and would be a huge asset to the three hour red brand; which certain weeks lacks the star power to fill that three-hour slot. Owens would provide another big main event player that can fill any role you need and immediately boost the roster of Raw.

Toni Storm

WWE Superstar Toni Storm comes out as bisexual

Another NXT superstar that would add some depth and a fresh face to a depleted Raw women’s division. Let’s be honest, a NXT UK revisited rivalry between Storm and Rhea Ripley would be pretty badass as well.

The Street Profits

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The Raw Tag Team division is pretty rough. I imagine within the next few months, AJ Styles, Omos, Randy Orton, and Riddle will all be moving on to other things. Enter The Street Profits. These guys can carry the red brand’s tag division and I honestly prefer The Profits and The Usos to be on separate shows leaving one of the two best tags teams in WWE on each brand.


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Last but not least, Cesaro. He would be a great superstar to move over to Raw. Now I know everyone wants Big E to move to Raw and win the Money in the Bank briefcase but I think Cesaro winning and moving over to Raw, to inevitably become champion, would be a much better story and Big E could find his way into the title picture on Smackdown another way. Plus, I wanna keep Big E away from the rest of The New Day. Cesaro would bring instant intrigue to the red brand and potential matches such as Cesaro vs Orton, Cesaro vs AJ Styles, Cesaro vs Lashley or Cesaro against damn near anyone should excite any wrestling fan.

Others who could move: Liv Morgan, Dakota Kai, Rey & Dominick Mysterio, Natalya & Tamina, Otis

AEW's Joey Janela sends a classy message to Liv Morgan

Next up…

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Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre wants his old theme back

A big boost to the blue brand even though the fact that Drew has pretty much feuded with everyone on Raw (many, many times) and it could lead to the inevitable Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre match that we know we will get at some point down the road. This will be the fresh start Drew needs and adds another main event star to Smackdown.

Adam Cole

7 Ways NXT Star Adam Cole Trains for Success in the Ring | Muscle & Fitness

FINALLY – Adam Cole lands on the main roster. I feel like people have been talking about him landing there for years now. With nothing left for him to accomplish on the yellow brand, I think it’s finally time. Smackdown seems like a more logical spot for him as the booking on this show might favor him more than on Raw. Sometimes, it seems like Raw and Smackdown aren’t getting booked by the same company. Adam Cole “Bay-Bay” will flourish on Friday Nights and don’t forget the feud with Pat McAfee can pick right up where it left off.

Bronson Reed

NXT's Bronson Reed Questions Future After Losing NXT North American  Championship

I would hate if they kept Reed off TV until late August, but with him losing the NXT North American Championship to Isiah “Swerve” Scott last week, it seems like Reed is moving up sooner rather than later. Reed can be a dominant force on the blue brand and rival a heel, such as an Otis, to get his feet wet on the main roster. Reed has a high ceiling but will need to be eased along slowly. But, he is a guy I could see feuding with Roman Reigns down the road.


Asuka | WWE

This one is easy. Asuka is so misused and underutilized on Raw – it’s embarrassing. Moving to Smackdown would open her up to fresh feuds and get her back on track of being the main event star she is. Bianca vs Asuka would be $$$$$.

John Morrison

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results: John Morrison Returns On The First Show  Of 2020

John Morrison is a guy who can be the main guy on a brand. Smackdown would give him the best chance to do that and get him away from The Miz. As entertaining as those two have been, that team has ran its course. Johnny “Drip Drip” can turn back into “The Friday Night Delight” and start a singles run which I would hope includes a good push.

Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi Blackheart | WWE

The charisma and unorthodox style of Blackheart would be great to see on the blue brand. Shotzi has a ton of untapped potential and the ability to have a “Bianca Belair” type of impact wherever she lands.

The Grizzled Young Veterans

Grizzled Young Veterans return on tonight's NXT

The Grizzled Young Veterans could fill the role on Smackdown that “The Forgotten Sons” were supposed to fill last year. They are great in the ring and good at getting heat and will instantly be one of the best heel tag teams on the main roster.

Others who could move: Elias, R-Truth, Mace & T-Bar, Mandy & Dana Brooke, Shayna Bayzler

Shayna Baszler | WWE

Who do you want to see get called up to the main roster from NXT or switch brands? Comment at the bottom and let me know!

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