Fantasy Football Outlook: Pittsburgh Steelers

Hi, I am going to give you a fantasy football outlook on all 32 teams. I will be doing this in alphabetical order. It will be 32 teams in the next 32 days. I will be giving a fantasy stud, fantasy bust, fantasy breakout player, fantasy sleeper, top fantasy rookie, and since some leagues do defensive players – instead of team defensive, I will be doing top fantasy defensive player. So let’s get this started. Please follow me on Twitter @aaron_truesdale.

Fantasy Overview:

The Steelers are being written off this season by everybody except their fans or at least most of them. Even in fantasy football they’re being written off. That’s okay though, the Steelers play best as the underdog. This is why they will produce in fantasy football as well. I am not writing them off in real life or fantasy like most are doing doing. So with that said, these are the players I came up with to look for and avoid.

Fantasy Stud: Diontae Johnson WR

Steelers' Diontae Johnson questionable to return vs. Browns after being  victimized by hit that drew ejection - CBSSports.com

Johnson is the number one target for Big Ben and that won’t change this year. Look for him to lead the team in targets this season. As long as he stays healthy, he should be a mid-range wide receiver one by season’s end.

Fantasy Bust: Eric Ebron TE

Pittsburgh Steelers TE Eric Ebron hates playing 3 games in 12 days

Ebron, last year, had a bad case of butterfingers. Big Ben loves throwing to his tight ends but when Ebron continues to drop the ball he will lose confidence in him. Freiermuth is the tight end to own in Pittsburgh. Ebron should be on your ‘do not draft’ list.

Fantasy Sleeper: Ben Roethlisberger QB

Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger's return means balanced attack?

Big Ben had a bad second half last year and because of that, everyone is saying he’s washed up and doesn’t have anything left in fantasy football. I disagree. I know he’s old, but if you look back at all the years he played, he has always been underrated in fantasy football though every year he is a consistent quarterback one. This year will be no different. He will be a low-end quarterback one. I believe he has one good year left in what is probably his final year. So draft him late because he will be a true steal in fantasy football.

Fantasy Breakout: Chase Claypool WR

VIDEO: Virtual version of Pittsburgh Steeler Chase Claypool misses the mark  – Chilliwack Progress

Claypool will be a monster out there this fantasy football season. He will be used in many different ways in the Steelers’ offense so look for him to be a top ten fantasy football wide receiver all season. Draft him early and you won’t regret it.

Top Fantasy Rookie: Najee Harris RB

Grading the Steelers pick of RB Najee Harris

Harris will give the Steelers something they didn’t have all season last year and that’s a running game. Everyone says he will struggle because of the whole new Steelers offensive line that everyone is saying is terrible. I believe it will be a lot better than what people are giving it credit for. It will be a middle-of-the-pack offensive line and Harris will rush for over one thousand yards and will have a double-digit touchdown season. He can be depended on as a running back one.

Top Fantasy Defensive Player: T.J. Watt EDGE

PFF Ranks T.J. Watt Second-Best Edge Rusher in Football | Steelers Now

Watt is the most disruptive edge rusher in football. He will just keep getting better which is scary. He should be one of the top three defensive players off the draft board in fantasy football. I want to give an honorable mention to Fitzpatrick as well, as he will be a beast in fantasy football as well. Draft Watt, he could help win you a fantasy football championship.

I hope you enjoy my Team Fantasy Outlooks. Please comment to let me know what you think I welcome the feedback. I also will be more than happy to discuss any player or team further.

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