Fantasy Football Outlook: Los Angeles Rams

Hi, I am going to give you a fantasy football outlook on all 32 teams. I will be doing this in alphabetical order. It will be 32 teams in the next 32 days. I will be giving a fantasy stud, fantasy bust, fantasy breakout player, fantasy sleeper, top fantasy rookie, and since some leagues do defensive players – instead of team defensive, I will be doing top fantasy defensive player. So let’s get this started. Please follow me on Twitter @aaron_truesdale.

Fantasy Overview:

The Rams finally got quarterback and this means there will be a fantasy boom for them this season. Everybody will benefit from that move especially their running backs and wide receivers. Look for a big fantasy football year for the Rams players. These are the players I came up with to look for and avoid.

Fantasy Stud: Matthew Stafford QB

Matthew Stafford says thumb fine, outlook bright in first offseason with Los  Angeles Rams

Stafford is going to be an absolute fantasy football monster this year with all the weapons in his arsenal. He should easily be a top ten quarterback in fantasy this year and maybe even top five. With a good run game behind, a decent offensive line, and with all of the talented receivers, he should be one of the top quarterbacks off the draft boards.

Fantasy Bust: Desean Jackson WR

Rams agree to deal with WR DeSean Jackson

Please don’t get too excited about the signing of Jackson. He won’t have the fantasy impact that people think he will. I got three words for you when it comes to Jackson “injuries, injuries, injuries.” He can never stay healthy which is why I would put him on your ‘do not draft’ list.

Fantasy Sleeper: Van Jefferson WR

Rams WR Van Jefferson calls rookie year a learning experience

Jefferson is a player who I think will rock out this season and he might go undetected in fantasy football drafts. Trust me when I say, draft him as a late-round flier. He will start as a wide receiver four but will end up a wide receiver three or four this season. Draft him with confidence in later rounds.

Fantasy Breakout: Cam Akers RB

Los Angeles Rams: Is Cam Akers the best rookie running back?

Akers will come out the gate firing on all cylinders. He will be a top ten back this year in fantasy football with a chance to be top five. I believe the opposing defenses will focus on stopping the passing arsenal that defenses will not account for Akers as much at the beginning of the season. By midseason though, teams will game plan for both, but he will still put up terrorizing fantasy football numbers. The Rams will have one of the most balanced offenses in football this year.

Top Fantasy Rookie: Tutu Atwell WR

2021 NFL draft: Rams select Louisville WR Tutu Atwell with 57th pick

Atwell could be a sneaky rookie this season. I believe he could sneak in as a fantasy wide receiver late in the season. I’m not saying to draft him, but I am saying put him on your watchlist this season.

Top Fantasy Defensive Player: Aaron Donald DL

Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald carries a clear memory of a Rex Ryan  comment - Los Angeles Times

Donald is an absolute beast in real life and fantasy football. He should be the top defensive player off the draft board in fantasy football. Just draft him. Enough said.

I hope you enjoy my Team Fantasy Outlooks. Please comment to let me know what you think I welcome the feedback. I also will be more than happy to discuss any player or team further.

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