Fantasy Football Outlook: Cleveland Browns

Hi, I am going to give you a fantasy football outlook on all 32 teams. I will be doing this in alphabetical order. It will be 32 teams in the next 32 days. I will be giving a fantasy stud, fantasy bust, fantasy breakout player, fantasy sleeper, top fantasy rookie, and since some leagues do defensive players – instead of team defensive, I will be doing top fantasy defensive player. So let’s get this started. Please follow me on Twitter @aaron_truesdale.

Fantasy Overview:

The Cleveland Browns are another Ohio team filled with Fantasy talent. So many ,that I had trouble choosing who I wanted where and in what category. Still, not all the fantasy talent made it into this article. As a Steelers fan, this hard to say and to swallow but I believe the Browns are the team to beat in the AFC North.  These are the players I came up with to look for and avoid in fantasy football.

Fantasy Stud: Nick Chubb RB

Nick Chubb gets no love in poll of the NFL's top RBs

Chubb is an absolute beast in fantasy football and should be one of the top three running backs off the board, if not the first running back off the fantasy boards. May even go as far as saying he should be the number one overall player pick in the drafts this season.

Fantasy Bust: Odell Beckham Jr.

Here's what a Washington trade for Odell Beckham, Jr would look like

This was probably the easiest one to pick out of all the categories. Beckham is injury prone, and let’s face it he, not the player he once was. I would avoid him in fantasy football drafts. I know he is on my ‘do not draft’ list and he should be on yours. He will probably get injured again and even if he doesn’t get injured, he will not put up the numbers for where he will be drafted in fantasy football. Caution: draft him at your own risk.

Fantasy Sleeper: Harrison Bryant TE

What Cleveland Browns can expect from Harrison Bryant in Year 2

Hooper is the number one tight end in Cleveland but Harrison Bryant quietly had a sneaky good fantasy season last year. Well, take him low this year in the draft because this will be the last year you will be able to sleep on Bryant. So if you’re looking for a backup tight end late, with the potential to be a tight end one this year, draft Bryant.

Fantasy Breakout: Donovan Peoples-Jones WR

Mike Priefer to Donovan Peoples-Jones: 'play faster, cut it loose'

Enter Peoples-Jones to fantasy football. Even if Odell doesn’t get hurt this season, he will shine big in fantasy football. He will be a wide receiver two right out the gate and wherever he is drafted, he will be a steal. So don’t miss on this potential fantasy stud late in fantasy football drafts.

Top Fantasy Rookie: Anthony Schwartz WR

Browns select Auburn WR Anthony Schwartz in the third round

Schwartz could have a fantasy impact later in the football season, not if – but when they trade Beckham. Schwartz could see a lot of targets when that happens. So no need to draft him unless you’re in a dynasty league because he will be available to pick up off of the waiver wire and will be a great pick up once OBJ is traded and he will pay high dividends.

Top Fantasy Defensive Player: Myles Garrett

The Cleveland Browns selected Myles Garrett #1 overall in the 2017 NFL  Draft - YouTube

Do I need to explain this one? Garrett should be one of the top three defensive players off the board in fantasy football. He is probably tied for the top disruptive forces on defenses in the NFL – with the other being T.J Watt. I believe there is no ranking them they are both the number one disruptive players on defense in the NFL – end of the story.

I hope you enjoy my Team Fantasy Outlooks. Please comment to let me know what you think I welcome the feedback. I also will be more than happy to discuss any player or team further.

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