Three’s a Crowd: Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers were the first team to start three different goalies, in two games, each in only one playoff series. Sergei Bobrovsky started Games 1 and 4, Chris Dreidger started Games 2 and 3, and the young Spencer Knight started Games 5 and 6.

In the first four games of the Lightning vs Panthers series, Bobrovsky and Dreidger both lost a game, and were pulled from a game. The only contrasting feature was when Dreidger replaced Bobrovsky in Game 3 and ended up winning in overtime. 

Which goalie should Florida Panthers start in Game 3?

After 4 games, both of Florida’s goalies were playing good, but not outstanding enough to put the momentum of the series into their favor. Insert Spender Knight. Facing elimination, the panthers made the call to shake things up. Unfortunately the first shot on goal got past him but he went on to make 36 consecutive saves to keep his team’s season alive.

Florida Panthers' Spencer Knight Is NHL-Ready & Brings Tough Choices

In the final game of the series, the Lightning beat the Panthers to win the series. In six games, the best Panthers goalies were without a doubt the ones making the least amount of money. Unfortunately, Chris Dreidger is likely going to find himself a pay raise with a different team. We could see Spencer Knight and Sergei Bobrovsky in the crease for Florida next season.

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