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The man on the cover photo is Borislav Mihaylov. The famous Bulgaria captain at the FIFA World Cup in 1994, when Bulgaria won the bronze medal in the US-hosted tournament. He is also President of the Bulgarian Football Union since 2005. Every football fan on Earth knows that football ruling structures are corrupt: Michel Platini, Sepp Blater – both punished for corruption. But BFU is a different story,

Short story

In 2005, Bobi Mihaylov was elected president of the BFU. In the next 14 years, he and the union were full of scandals, and corruptions and Bulgarian football was hitting new lows every year. Showing up to press conferences after games drunk and almost passing out at a press conferences with the Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov. It was getting from bad to worse every year. And after a racist scandal in a Bulgaria vs England game in Sofia in October 2019, Borislav Mihaylov resigned as the president of the BFU.

It’s ok not every good football player makes a good administrative person. He failed as a president and resigned, all good, but…

Former keeper Mihaylov re-elected as Bulgarian FA president - Eurosport

April 2021

BFU announced that in June 2021 there will be a congress to elect the new president of the union. The functions of the president were taken by the vices. New candidates ran, one of which, Dimitar Berbatov. The ex-Manchester United striker announced that he is running for president with Stiliyan Petrov and Martin Petrov in his staff. The core of the last Bulgarian national team to participate on Euro. Every football fan in Bulgaria had some hope for the sport we love.

However, just a day after this announcement, Borislav Mihaylov withdrew and resigned. For a year and a half, he was out of the football union. His resignation was voted and accepted by the board. Suddenly, he decided he wanted to be a president again. Boom, like nothing happened, withdrew his resignation and ironically, he’s the president of the Bulgarian Football Union, again, or should I say still… He has almost a year left of his mandate. So the next congress for the election of new president of BFU will be in March 2022.  

When Borislav Mihaylov resigned, it was under pressure from the Prime Minister. But Boyko Borisov is no longer premier, Bulgaria has no government right now, so who is going to stop Bobi Mihaylov from regaining control in Bulgarian football? Is there any hope for change? Or will the the circus in the football union will continue and Bulgarian football fans will continue to dream about participation at World Cup or Euro.

The people who run Bulgarian football are all part of the Golden generation who won the bronze medals at USA’94. But with every day in charge of BFU the memories about their past achievements fade and soon they’ll be only remembered as the people who destroyed Bulgarian football.  

Borislav Mikhailov - Wikipedia

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