Double Agents: The World is Not Enough

Today is the day! The final episode of The Challenge: Double Agents. There are 4 teams left and we are about to find out who CT & Amber B serve a hot dish of sheep testicles in order to try to sabotage their game.  CT tells us that he thinks Kaycee & Fessy are not going to finish due to Kaycee’s knee injury so he hands off the special meal to Kam & Cory to finish. Amber B & CT get a jump on the competition and continue in their footrace with Nany & Leroy not far behind.

The challengers run up to a set up kayaks which they will use to retrieve puzzle pieces, then will have to return to shore to solve the given puzzle. Back at the dining challenge Kam & Cory finish their added dish before Kaycee & Fessy are able to complete their first serving. CT & Amber B spend some time in their kayak arguing as they sail along while Nany & Leroy seem to have trouble figuring out how to kayak at all. Kool & The Gang’s Get Down On It plays as we get to see a kayaking montage.

Back at the eating challenge Kaycee & Fessy continue to eat, not to be seen as quitters. Kaycee actually finishes her meal first then cheers on Fessy, showing him a thing or two about partnership.  Back at the river, CT & Amber capsize but only CT falls out. Looks like there is trouble in paradise as the pair continue to argue. Kam & Cory land at the shore and grab all their puzzle pieces as Fessy & Kaycee get eliminated from the competition for taking too long to eat their ‘meals.’ Kaycee promptly loses it and Fessy promises her that they will come back at win The Challenge one day.

CT & Amber B arrive at the shoreline and start working on their puzzle. Nany & Leroy are not far behind as the challengers start to ring plastic donuts on a spike sticking straight up out of the ground, placing the puzzle pieces strategically so the puzzle on each piece makes sense in the order in which they are placed. Amber & CT finish their puzzle first, then Leroy& Nany as Kam & Cory make their way to the shore, still in their kayaks. The challengers finish their puzzles and continue their Icelandic run lit by tiki torches as the sun starts to set.

The next checkpoint is inside a cave where the challengers will be spending the night.  A platform is set up with suitcases set up on top of individual tables, one for each challenger. Within each suitcase there is an equation the competitors will have to solve before they can settle in for the night. CT turns out to be a secret mathematician and finishes first. Amber continues to struggle with her math equation as Nany & Leroy then Kam & Cory start in on their own suitcases. Cory calls for a check but his math is wrong, Kam follows suit, then Leroy, all incorrect. Nany is the first of this group to finally get the correct answer with Kam not too far behind. TJ calls the competition then announces that Kaycee & Fessy timed out during the eating competition and were sent home. Cory then very correctly predicts Fessy not taking any responsibility for his loss and passing the blame entirely to his partner. No one is surprised.  What does surprise us is when TJ announces CT gets to decide if he would like to lock in his current partner for the rest of the final or switch to someone else. CT starts to wonder about Amber out loud, weighing his option, mentioning her strong suits while considering switching to Kam, building the tension, then finally decides to stick with his current partner, Amber.  Smart considering they won the first few checkpoints and are easily the fastest team running right now.

TJ announces the teams will be sleeping in the cave, in which it appears to be raining. He awards a geothermal sleeping bag to Amber & CT, Nany & Leory get to sleep in a duvet with a waterproof cover, leaving Kam & Cory to share a simple wool blanket, with no protection from the rain. In Iceland. During a hurricane. One team member is going to start the evening standing while holding a very heavy capsule while their partner sleeps for a bit in their awarded sleeping arrangement. When the person holding the capsule gets tired, they will have to dunk their face in glacier water, then they can trade places with their sleeping partner. Amber, Kam, and Leroy all go to sleep while Cory, Nany and CT gossip about Fessy’s karma coming for him as they hold their capsules. He couldn’t wait to trade in Amber B for Kaycee and here Amber is, first out of the females in this final.

CT dunks his head in the glacier water first, signaling his switch with Amber, while Leroy and Kam start to envision their future together married with babies, as if they are having a leisurely Sunday morning snuggle. Nany dunks her face in the glacier water to switch with Leroy who tucks her in like a baby. Leroy announces this will be his last season to the other challengers for the first time, breathing new life into his partner Nany. Cory and CT tip their hats to him for playing such a smart, yet ruthless game this season.

Cory dunks his head in the glacier water, then Leroy follows suit as various challengers continue to complain they are cold as they switch back and forth with their partners. Eventually day breaks and at 7am TJ arrives. He signals the end of this checkpoint and the challengers walk out onto a freshly frosted glacier. Each challenger will have to race to the top of the glacier in order to get a pickaxe, which they will then use to chop up a block of ice which holds a capsule they will need to use later on. All of the challengers look exhausted and miserable as freezing cold rain sprinkles down upon them.

CT & Amber take their lead and we realize that rain was actually hail as the challengers feel the pricks of ice across their faces. Nany & Leroy start their run second, followed up by Kam & Cory who is quite frustrated that his partner has decided to walk instead of run. Seems like an odd strategy when you are in last place. Nany &  Leroy run up to the ice blocks while CT & Amber B are already well on their way through their ice block, Kam & Cory still within sight. The challengers finish their ice blocks respectively and continue with their run up an incline as the tension mounts.

At the top of the mountain is another puzzle which the challengers must decode before moving on. CT & Amber realize in order to solve their puzzle they have to turn back and go take a look at their capsule. They see there are key cards in the capsule which seem to have a morse code print on each that they will need to memorize. Once back at the puzzle, they can use the morse code to spell out the key to the puzzle. CT solves his puzzle fairly quickly as Kam & Cory close in on Nany & Leroy. The challengers all switch to a walk from a run until they get to checkpoint 7, a tangram puzzle, which is CT’s favorite thing to do. Kam finishes her tangram after CT, earning Kam & Cory a lead on Leroy & Nany.

CT and Amber seem to get lost on the trail when they miss one of the markers and we all think about Natalie losing the final for her and Paulie as she ran off into a set of woods that had nothing to do with the current race. CT realizes their mistake and suggests they turn around.  The two make their way quickly over mossy rocks, trying not to slip as they navigate the rough terrain. CT comments that this is the toughest final he has ever run and Amber sees TJ just up ahead at the finish line. CT and Amber B have completed the final and won $900,000. Not once did I predict Amber would win, and while CT was probably a rather large part of her win, I will gladly give her the respect a champion deserves. CT dedicates his season to his son and the remaining challengers look up to the finish line, realizing first place is no longer an option.

Kam & Cory, Leroy & Nany are all neck and neck as they sprint to TJ, the fact that third place gets nothing heavy on each of their minds. Leroy touches TJ first, then Cory, but then Kam comes in next, earning Kam & Cory second place and the prize of $100,000. Leroy walks away from his twelfth season without a single win but continues to say his is proud of himself for a fantastic Challenge career. He also mentions that since Kam won some money as the second place finisher, there will still be some prize money coming into his household and they did end up moving to Houston, Texas together. Cory looks back on his challenge season as he essentially was paired with almost every female that went home in an elimination. I don’t know if you knew this, but he has daughters, and they remain his biggest inspiration . Nany looks back with pride as she realizes she never once had to turn on a friend to get to the final, played an honest game, and worked her absolute hardest with some of the best partners she has ever worked with. Kam takes us through various challenges from this season and states with pride that she will be back in a future season to win it all. Simple Minds Don’t You Forget About Me starts to play as MTV pans out over our final competitors as they bask in the ability to finally sit down and rest. Leroy takes us on a trip down memory lane as he recalls that when he competed on his first challenge he was working as a garbage man, but the Challenge completely changed his life. He switched careers, and most importantly met Kam, whom he is starting a life with.  Amber celebrates being a champion on her rookie season and CT remains the GOAT.

Thanks for reading along as we celebrate another exciting season of MTV’s The Challenge.

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