Double Agents: No Time to Die Recap

The episode opens again with killer music as the challengers celebrate their wins which have earned them the opportunity to finally run TJ’s final. Poison’s Nothing but a Good Time plays in the background while various teams solidify their new unions. Nany is thrilled to be running the final with Leroy, CT & Amber get to know each other for the first time ever, and Fessy appears to consider himself and Kaycee an easy pick for first place. Kam reminds us all that Kaycee and Fessy do not quite have the experience of the other players and the challengers which let’s be real is important in this particular game.

The next morning the challengers suit up and are taken to the location of this season’s final challenge. Once again, the Icelandic scenery is breathtaking as MTV pans across various tundra and mountaintops, snow covered peaks, and of course, the Challenge sign. TJ tells us this final mission will indeed be the toughest thus far and the team that is the slowest after day one will go home immediately, without the option to continue on the second day and try to complete the final mission for the prize money.  The team that finishes in 3rd place will win nothing, the team that finishes 2nd will win $100,000, and the 1st place team will receive $900,000.  

In this 2 day challenge, the competitors will start off with a 3 mile run over rugged terrain to their first mission where TJ predicts the weather will not be good as it seems they hit the area at the tail end of a hurricane. He blows the horn and the challengers start their run. Leroy and Fessy are in the lead with Cory just behind. Nany seems to be way behind the other runners and Nany is really feeling the pressure as this is her partner and long time friend Leroy’s last challenge. Kaycee tells us the weather actually is really aggressive today making the run fairly difficult. The winds are strong and the challengers have to run over rocks, sticks, water, and other generally rough terrain. At one point, Fessy acknowledges this is a team event and turns around to encourage his partner Kaycee to catch up to him.  They run together and stand in 1st place with a steady stream of challengers just behind them. Somehow CT & Amber seem to get to TJ first with Amber B actually taking the lead for the two of them. Fessy & Kaycee come in 2nd, Kam & Cory come in 3rd, leaving Leroy & Nany in 4th place.

TJ tells the agents that for their first checkpoint of this final mission, they will be repeating a challenge they have seen earlier in this season. Hidden at the top of a nearby volcanic mound is a capsule with classified information in it. When TJ gives the signal, the challengers will race within heats divided by their gender to be the first to grab the capsule, study the code on it, and replicate it perfectly on their nearby individual puzzle stations. You may recall this mission as the one in which a haphazard CT hit Wes directly in the face with a casually thrown shoe. Pause for laughs.

TJ gives the starting signal and the men race off towards the top of what looks to be a large pile gravel. Leroy, Fessy and CT all seem to be hogging the key, but Cory is not to be counted out, and races first to try to complete his puzzle with CT then Leroy not far behind. The guys all have to run back to the capsule to take a second look at the key and seem fine with sharing until Fessy comes over and tries to jack up CT’s game and they start fighting. CT manages to figure out the code, escaped from Fessy’s grasp and solve his puzzle first, winning the first checkpoint.

The women step up for their heat and are almost knocked over by the strength of the hurricane winds. The women seem to be working better together until Amber takes the capsule straight out of Kaycee’s hands. Kaycee in turn tackles her. It’s final time people, any previous friendships and alliances may not apply here today. Kaycee is the first to call for a check but her puzzle is incorrect. Amber B is the second to ask for a check and actually gets it right, winning the competition leaving her and CT in pretty good shape this early on. TJ announces that Amber B actually had a better time than CT so she is the overall winner and gets to decide now if she wants to stay partners with CT or if she wants to go rogue and steal someone else’s partner. She decides to stick with CT, because, obviously.

TJ announces this next stretch will include a 2 mile run of the coastline to obtain a key they will each need to use in order to unlock the next checkpoint.  The teams of two will be released in the order in which they arrived at the current checkpoint, keeping the leads they had secured with the previous run. CT & Amber leave first, then Fessy & Kaycee, Kam & Cory, and finally Leroy & Nany who seem optimistic despite being in last place. This is not their first challenge final and they know to, wait for it, expect the unexpected. Fessy & Kaycee pull ahead of CT & Amber who appear unbothered by this development as again this is not CT’s first rodeo. The challengers make it to their next checkpoint, not particularly far apart from each other, and each team grabs their keys. The challengers turn and run back down their path until Kaycee takes a tumble on a mountain ride and falls. CT vaults over her and sails past with his partner Amber and the other challengers follow suit while Kaycee shakes on the ground calling out Fessy’s name. The medics are called in as Kaycee tells us she feels like her knee has popped. Fessy sits down as the other challengers make their way to the next checkpoint holding his head in his hands as he realizes karma is real and has come for him.

Checkpoint 2 turns out to be an eating challenge, and guts lurch everywhere as we see the menu unveiled. Each challenger has their own special plate filled with sheep heart, fish eyes, bull testicles, complete with a liter of blood to wash it down. Veterans Cory, Kam, and CT all jump in without hesitation, while rookie Amber B seems less sure. Leroy and Nany have been here before and Kaycee continues to suffer back on the trail. She makes the decision to wrap up her leg and try to continue with the final, no matter how much pain she may be in. Fessy remains silent, and unsupportive. Fessy and Kaycee make their way over to the challengers as they continue to dine and no one seems super upset for karma to be coming for Fessy and Kaycee right now. Let’s not forget that Kaycee concocted a plan to trade  in her ride or die partner Leroy  at the very last moment and is not quite innocent either. Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax starts to play as all the challengers eat their meals together with the occasional retching to the side. This along with all the challengers having literal blood running down their faces seems gratuitous, but at least it’s not another episode of Ridiculousness! Fessy pooches out completely and seems to be refusing to eat despite the fact that Kaycee is literally not able to walk and is willing to continue in the challenge. The other challengers power through and yet again CT and Amber B take home the win. Looks like sticking with CT was the right choice for Miss Amber.

TJ announces since CT and Amber B won they get to sabotage another team of their choosing by giving them a special dessert of sheep kidney. They remain unable to decide as the remaining challengers put in their two cents about whom they think should have to be sabotaged, and the episode ends. Tune in for next week’s exciting conclusion of The Challenge which includes kayaks, more puzzles, more runs and what looks to be a very rough night ahead for the challengers that remain.

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