WrestleMania 37 | Rewriting History

Another chapter will be written in each man’s individual career, Edge, Daniel Bryan, and Roman Reigns that also ties into their collective journeys in WWE. Three superstars who’ve defined the odds and showed us fans such an undeniable resilience by making comebacks to something that they all love which is professional wrestling or as WWE has phrased the genre as sports-entertainment.

A new story will be told at WrestleMania.

With WrestleMania 37 quickly approaching who will walk out of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida as Universal Champion? On the grandest stage of them all, these three athletes lay a livelihood on the line. The Tribal Chief, The Rated R Superstar, and The Leader of The Yes Movement have all faced adversity in their career. Overcoming career ending injuries that have affected them in their own unique way. Former WWE Champions collide in a battle for sports-entertainment supremacy. Top stars like Edge, Bryan, and Reigns gravitate and are motivated by great obstacles, they’ve become better for the challenges life has thrown at them.

A story of heartbreak & emotion, but of triumph as well. 

Edge announces his WWE retirement | WWE

Edge retired dating back to 2011 due to severe neck injury and the following year, he was inducted into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame. Daniel Bryan also retired in 2016 because of medical reasons related to concussions. Roman Reigns took a leave of absence from WWE in 2018, the wrestler made a sad revelation he’s Leukemia of eleven years had returned. What makes the WrestleMania Triple Threat for the Universal Championship even more special, we have stars who are true survivors, fighters in every sense of explaining this word’s definition.

The storytelling is real and very natural with instant credibility.

For two of the wrestlers many feel it might be the end of a legendary era, and if we are just talking about one wrestler it’s possible this is only a new beginning that only adds to an already established empire. Edge and Bryan still feel they have a lot more to prove to not just themselves but also to the younger generations of superstars making a name on TV and coming up to be the guy in professional wrestling.

Reigns knows a victory over two veterans and former champions with one who’s a hall of famer while the other will soon be inducted into a future class to share in a honor that peers and fans alike would classify as very prestigious and should deserve respect considering what they contributed and how they gave back to the business. A head of the table will one day be mentioned as a Hall of Fame caliber star, however with a win over such opponents who have paved the way for a person like him to succeed would only help make Reigns a greater star where he gets to be legendary. Watch and learn from a master at work a trio positioned to showcase unmatched talents inside a hollowed area known as the ring. Lookout for a highlight reel of excellence when you’ve got three of the biggest stars in the wrestling landscape for a shot at the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

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