A Most Wanted Man Recap

All the competitors now have gold skulls which means they are all eligible to run the final, but with TJ’s questionable commentary we still do not know what is coming next. We await to see if more challengers will go home or if the final challenge is right around the corner.  At this time we are left with partnerships consisting of Kam & Cory, Kaycee & Leroy, Nany & Fessy, CT & Big T, with Kyle & Amber B. Big T & CT touch the gold skull in the entry way of the Challenge house as they make their way back from the crater where Big T sent Aneesa home in the latest elimination. Alliances are discussed, the Big Brother alliance still seems to be going strong, Kyle appears to be panicking as he does not seem to have a lot of people to rely on to keep him in the game. He feels like he can count on his partner Amber B who’s Big Brother alliance has been helpful to him, CT and Big T, but only because she is CT’s partner. Meanwhile CT is shaking in his boots being paired with Big T so he starts waking her up at 5am to secretly train her for what events may be coming up for them in the final. I was considering if this was more offensive or touching when Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger started to play and I no longer cared.

The Challengers were just getting up for the day when the green light flashes throughout the house signaling their daily Challenge Day has begun. The challengers line up in front of the Challenge sign in what looks like The Rauoholar, also known as the ‘red hills.’  They are a cluster of rootless cones within a lava field in southern Iceland right outside of Reykjavik. MTV once again bringing it with the magnificent scenery while not actually outwardly addressing it. TJ tells us today’s challenge is called ‘Mission Global Domination.’ There will be two rounds in which players will be within human sized hamster balls along with their partner. 3 teams per heat will be on offense, and 2 teams will be on defense as they battle to get the most points. In round two, the teams will trade places and switch, leaving one team to be on offense twice, giving them an advantage to score more points. Kaycee and Leroy take this spot as they are able to pick the line up due to winning the last challenge. When TJ gives the signal, the challengers will start to roll in their hamster balls searching for targets that have been hidden in the ground.  The goal is to roll the hamster ball over as many targets as possible to earn points while the players on defense will be attempting to block those targets.

The first heat starts with Kaycee & Leroy, Fessy & Nany, CT & Big T on offense, Kyle & Amber B and Kam & Cory on defense. Kaycee & Leroy roll over their first target to be met with a steam explosion prohibiting them from seeing what is going on around them, presenting yet another obstacle.  No one can say The Challenge would be easy! Speaking of difficult, Fessy once again seems unaware that he has a partner in the hamster ball with him, starts aggressively rolling the hamster ball, and Nany starts to fear for her general safety. Cory & Kam start targeting CT who is essentially single handily running this challenge for his team as Big T appears to be sitting within the hamster ball while he bounces her around.  Kam confesses that Cory and herself are steering clear of Leroy & Kaycee as well as Fessy & Nany in order to uphold their alliances so they are really just left with CT & Big T to target.

The second heat begins and the teams switch from defense to offense and visa versa. On offense we now have Kam & Cory, Amber B & Kyle and Kaycee & Leroy while defense is Nany & Fessy as well as Big T & CT. Fessy tells us his strategy is to attack all teams evenly because why show loyalty to your alliance really, and CT has decided to focus on Kam & Cory only to return the favor from the previous heat. Kam could care less about this because she wants her man Leroy to win, and with CT focusing on her, that leaves Leroy wide open to score alllll the points. Amber B feels Fessy is targeting her, but really he does not care about anyone by himself so that annoyance seems misguided. TJ signals the end of the heat and congratulates the challengers as he announces only 1 target separated the top three teams in this race, it was that close. Amber & Kyle, Fessy & Nany lose very narrowly to (no surprise here) Kaycee & Leroy. Kam celebrates like it is her own win and once again that couple wins for cuteness and loyalty.

Back at the house Leroy is realizing as the numbers in the house dwindle he is left with only two teams as options to vote into elimination this week. He will not vote for his girlfriend Kam, nor will he vote in his long time friend Nany so he is left to choose from Amber B & Kyle and Big T & CT as his only options. The challengers head to the Igloo nightclub with Depeche Mode playing in the background, another fine musical choice. The challengers see the writing on the wall and know what choices Kaycee & Leroy are left with.  They try to politic to figure out a way around the obvious choice Leroy is about to make. Despite singing praises of loyalty earlier in the episode and how the Big Brother alliance is far superior to any other alliance, Kaycee starts to angle to send Amber B home.  I think Devin said it best, Big Brother sucks.

At the public deliberation, Kyle and CT try to put their plan in motion to get Nany & Fessy to be this week’s house vote. CT acknowledges the elephant in the room, that his team and Kyle’s team are most likely going to be voted in due to the numbers in the house.  Then he suggests that the house vote in Kyle, in a half assed attempt to make the other challengers think there is trouble in paradise. It was actually Kyle’s plan, works in CT’s favor, and really is just a stupid idea and no one changes their minds. It is the end of the game, if you want to stay in the game, you need to win, that is all there is to it. It really is time for everyone to stop being polite, and start getting real.

The challengers head to the crater for this week’s elimination and to everyone’s delight, looks like another Hall Brawl. Amber B &  Kyle are announced as the house vote leaving Amber B to feel betrayed by her Big Brother alliance and Kyle seems upset that CT has behaved exactly has he has all season long, as well as in every other season. CT looks out for number 1, it is why he is so good at this game people! Regardless of his game play, CT & Big T get sent down into the crater due to Leroy & Kaycee’s vote. TJ tells us it is a female elimination and it is time for Big T and Amber B to defend their gold skulls as well as their opportunity to compete in the final.

The women line up on either side of the glass hallway, somewhat concerned as they are friends and would not have chosen to compete against each other in a banger such as Hall Brawl. TJ sends out a signal and both women seem to be hesitant before rushing at each other. Big T goes low, Amber stays strong like a rock, standing steady.  Eventually Big T slips out of Amber’s grasp but Amber still manages to race to her bell quicker, winning the heat. The women line up for their second shot and this time Amber hesitates not at all. If she wins this round, she wins the elimination! She actually starts to push Big T back towards her starting point as they make their way through the glass hallway. Big T starts to push back, moving Amber B back towards her own starting line, not realizing she is leaving some wiggle room. Amber B sees her opportunity and with a quick twirl, releases herself from Big T’s grasp and sprints towards her bell, winning the heat and the elimination, sending Big T home. What a season for Big T though! It has been wonderful seeing her with some much deserved screen time and getting to know her personally as she shared her story.  I genuinely hope to see her again on future challenges, she will be missed if she does not return!

TJ turns his attention to Amber B, offering her the opportunity to switch partners from Kyle, whom she has lukewarm feelings towards it seems. Amber B is able to switch to CT who is now partnerless, or she can steal either Fessy or Cory from the viewing booth. Amber B states she is tired of Fessy voting her into elimination and stabbing her in the back so she chooses him to be her partner. Oh how I hope she is his downfall in this game, I would love to not see him on my screen anymore. Nany now gets to choose between CT or her former partner Kyle and weirdly she picks Kyle. Like… why girl? Just… why? Both of these guys are equally self serving but she has already worked with Kyle who keeps throwing her to the wolves. Why not pair up with the GOAT CT? Well it would appear that there might be a male elimination left to go and with CT not paired up, he may actually just sail through to the final! Tune in next week for what I suspect will be our first look at Thrihnukagigur Volcano, the worlds only volcano tourists can actually go inside and is wildly cool.  

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