Top 10 Impractical Jokers Punishments | Group Punishments

With all of my individual punishment top 10 list done for the guys I had to ask myself if I had missed anything. Then a light bulb went off. With all these seasons under their belt there have been tons of episodes that ended with more than one joker being punished and some of those punishments are great. Which got me to convince myself to make another Impractical Jokers top 10 list featuring the best group punishments. I very much appreciate the viewing and feedback on my articles and if there is a top 10 you all ever want me to do just comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll gladly do it. Thanks for all your support. Ok, enough a$$ kissing let’s get to my top 10 Impractical Joker group punishments.

Cast of 'Impractical Jokers' to visit SLC in 2020

10.) The Band featuring Joe and Q

9.) Helicopter Punishment – Joe and Q punish Murr and Sal

8.) Ski Bunnies – Joe and Q punish Murr and Sal

7.) The Double Punishment – Sal and Q punish Murr and Joe at sea

6.) Strip High Five – Joe and Murr by Sal and Q

5.) 3 Men and Your Baby – Joe punishes Sal, Q and Murr

4.) Fire Academy – Q punishes Joe, Sal and Murr

3.) Welcome to Q Falls – Q Punishes Joe, Murr and Sal

2.) Enter the Dragon – Sal and Joe are punished by the Imagine Dragons, Murr and Q

1.) The Permanent Punishment – Joe permanently punishes Sal, Q and Murr

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