Top 10 Impractical Joker Punishments | James Murray

It’s time for another Impractical Joker top 10 punishment list this time about the lovable ferret of the group, James Murray. More well known as “Murr,” he has found himself in some classic segments in Impractical Jokers. Murr gets more flack from the guys than anyone else and tends to be the butt of the joke most of the time which I can relate to. A lot of my friends like giving me crap too but that’s mainly because I’m cooler, in better shape and more attractive than them, which might be why Murr gets a lot of crap too. Enough rambling lets get to the good stuff. These are my top 10 James Murray Impractical Jokers punishments.

10.) Lower Body Hazing

9.) Public Prostate Exam

8.) Exposing Interview with Danica McKellar

7.) Murr Crashes the Party

6.) The Wheel of Piercings

5.) Public Speaking on Anesthetic

4.) Skydiving is for Losers

3.) Murr Goes Hairless

2.) Like a Boss

1.) Murr Wigs Out

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