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The Impractical Jokers is easily my favorite television show right now and it’s not even close. You have Murr, Joe, Sal and Brian Quinn (otherwise known as Q). Today I will begin my four part series of the Top 10 Punishments for each Impractical Joker and I will start with Joe Gatto. Joe Gatto is a fearless guy on the show as you can tell because there isn’t much he won’t do when it comes to challenges. From looking for “Larry,” to using his secret weapon (his nose) and keeping his friends in their place (yes you Murr), Joe is a joy as all four of the guys are. Joe is also one of my favorite follows on Tik Tok as he is becoming a legend on that platform as well. It’s going to be hard to choose only ten punishments but I am going to try. Let’s get to my Top 10 Joe Gatto Punishments.

ROCKY & LISSA AUDIO: Joe Gatto Crashes Elk Lake Zoom

10.) Putting the P in Pool

9.) Sumo Wrestling Mayhem

8.) Dance for our Brave Troops

7.) The Eggman

6.) Joe Gets Stonewalled

5.) Big Gang Wedgie

4.) Beautiful Model Turned Braniac

3.) Understanding the Opposite Sex

2.) Ribbon Dancing for the Gold

1.) Joe is Breaking Tables, Literally

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