UEFA Set to Scrap FFP

After implementing the Financial Fair Play (FFP) in 2011 UEFA are set to scrap this rule in the following days/weeks. FFP is a great idea but it was clear that it works only for the poor clubs. The smaller clubs all accross Europe were punished for breaching the FFP rules. In the meanwhile Manchester City were punished and than after appealing the charges were dropped. Other clubs just use loopholes and get away with breaking the rules.

What comes next? What rules will European clubs have to follow in terms of spending?

UEFA will discuss the new system with the clubs. The idea is that every club will be advised before spending big on the transfer market. “Spending what is necessary without a waste.” – This is the new idea of the people in charge of UEFA. So if your management and lawyer team is good enough to convince the people in UEFA that you really need that player, and that you really need him even with this price tag on him you’ll have the green light. Equality and diversity will be just a myth in European football now. With every decision UEFA are helping the big, rich clubs from the top leagues in Europe get bigger and richer and give less opportunity to expand the geography and the competitiveness of the tournaments.

Salary cap

A Salary cap is used in the MLS, the Chinese league, and other leagues around the world. It makes the clubs invest in their academies and young players rather than buy and pay big salaries to lots of star players. But who decides and how the cap will be set? How it will be implemented into the top leagues? How will big spenders like Manchester City, PSG, Manchester United, Barcelona etc. get under it? Only time will answer these questions. And that is the only rule that looks like stopping the big spending in European football.

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