The Best of Enemies Recap

After Gabby’s departure last week we are left with teams Nany & Fessy, Aneesa & Kyle, Cory & Big T, Darrell & Amber B, CT & Kam, Leroy & Kaycee with all the gold skulls having been distributed. Big T and Cory still need gold skulls in order to run the final, however they will have to steal them from another competitor in an elimination in order to get one at this point. Our episode opens up with another killer 80s song choice, Steve Winwood’s Roll With It echoing over various challengers celebrating what just happened in the crater. Nany seems oddly excited about her new partnership with Fessy despite the fact that he has yet to show anyone loyalty and she just sent his boo thang home. Stay tuned for how that karmic mess turns out in what will certainly be a much more exciting episode than last week’s snoozefest.

Aneesa and Kyle start to explore their newfound partnership over cocktails until Kyle recalls that Anessa had blindsided him earlier in the game sending him into elimination. They both seem to have pretty good attitudes about the whole thing, joking about various nasty things they said about each other behind their backs. This partnership is so crazy, it just might work. Both veterans, great political games, and they both have proven elimination records this season. Big T and Amber B are shown eavesdropping, standing just outside the door, as Aneesa and Kyle start detailing whom in the house they are each aligned with. We find out Leroy and Darrell are friends outside of this game and have been working together to get to the final. Corey comes over while they are talking game and asks if they will promise to make him the house vote with surprisingly little flair. Unimpressed, they make him no promises.

As Kaycee is complaining about how early in the day it is, the green lights flash and the alarm goes off signaling a daily challenge. The Challengers walk across the Icelandic fields and TJ tells us today’s challenge is called ‘Undercover.” The challenge will take place in the freezing cold Icelandic water today as the challengers will dive deep down between two tectonic plates. Once they are able to figure out exactly what a tectonic plate is, the challengers will follow a rope that will lead them to a set of 6 coded rings, which each challenger will have to bring back to the start, without ever coming up for air. Kaycee and Leroy pick the order and they select Aneesa and Kyle to go first, essentially announcing they do not want to them to do well in today’s challenge. Aneesa and Kyle seem surprised and frankly pissed off with this turn of events as they thought they were in a good relationship with the other team. 

Kyle and Aneesa get into their wetsuits and make their way down the platform into the freezing cold water. It seems they do have some kind of scuba gear/oxygen tank on so the whole ‘not coming up to the top’ thing seems less dramatic. Regardless Aneesa takes the time to mention the gorgeousness of the view as they are in crisp clear water surrounded by the picturesque rocks of the tectonic plates. They swim over to their rings, unhook them, turn around and make their way back to the platform where they will have to solve a puzzle involving the code printed on the retrieved rings. They realize fairly quickly how to read the code key and solve the puzzle, being the first team to complete the challenge. Big T and Cory get disqualified due to Cory having a deep water phobia and not quite being able to bring himself to do the dive. Darrell also tries to take in the scenery as he speeds along but Amber B has a panic attack in the water and makes her way to the top, disqualifying the pair completely.

Nany and Fessy make their way to their first team challenge, both appearing to be stoked about the new partnership. In true Fessy fashion, completely unaware of those around him, as he starts his swim, he kicks Nany in the face, disorienting her and knocking the oxygen tank out of her mouth. She tries to make her way to the top for air and Fessy actually tries to pull her back down, stating winning this challenge is the most important thing to him in that moment. No apology or recognition of how he jacked up Nany’s moment is acknowledged.  TJ reminds us all the goal here is not to drown and the pair gets disqualified. CT and Kam step up for their shot, boasting about how they are the best team in the house. Kam confesses to having a fear of water but watching her perform, you would never know. The pair grab their rings, make their way over to the puzzle, where they argue until they find their stride, work together and solve the puzzle. CT begrudgingly acknowledges that Kam is indeed the greatest partner for a puzzle challenge and that he regrets not picking Kam on the very first day in the rejection heard round the world.

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Kaycee and Leroy step onto the scene as Weezer fills the background with a cover of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). The pair easily make their way through the water, grab their rings and race back to their puzzle. They work well together from the jump and easily solve their puzzle. Back at the Challenge sign, TJ congratulates the challengers for swimming through the clearest water in the world as well as signaling out a few of the challengers he knew had a fear of water, but performed anyway. In the greatest surprise in the entire season, Aneesa and Kyle win the challenge, becoming this week’s Double Agents, and ensuring their safety in this game for another week. Not only that, they dominated by quite a bit it seems, bringing the spotlight back to Ms. Aneesa, who really, really, deserves the win this season. I don’t know about you, but I literally screamed out in glee when they won, like I said, well deserved.

Back at the house, the challengers start politicking trying to see who should go against whom. Some are worried about going in, others, like Cory and Big T who have yet to earn gold skulls, are hoping for their opportunity.  It seems both Cory and Leroy think their best bet is to go up against Darrell, 4 time Challenge champion, in an elimination. Aneesa, on the other hand announces her plan to throw Cory and Big T into elimination this week as it is the easiest game move for her to make, coupled with her being able to support her long time alliance with Cory by helping him get to his gold skull. Kyle appears to believe he is having a private conversation with Leroy about sending Darrell in, but Leroy decides to warn his buddy Darrell about the probability of him seeing the crater again. Leroy doesn’t want bad blood between them but it seems he thinks the house vote will come down to either Darrell or Leroy and he wants to swing the house vote over to Darrell, for obvious reasons. Darrell seems very fine with going into elimination as it seems he is becoming unsatisfied with his partner Amber B, and has been thinking about who he might want to work with moving forward. Going into and winning an elimination would give him that opportunity, however it seems he wants to steal Kaycee from Leroy, which Leroy isn’t thrilled with.

As the challengers wind down from a night at their nightclub igloo, Nany continues to experience regret over switching partners from Kyle to Fessy.  She bonds with CT over both of their partners needing their egos stroked and how they both regret switching. CT is certain he would have done better in the previous day’s challenge had he been paired with Big T. Too bad that friend-ship has sailed. Amber is worried she will have to go against her friend Big T in the elimination round while her partner Darrell is hoping for that exact scenario. Kyle and Aneesa find out in their secret Double Agent chamber that Darrell and Amber B got voted into elimination by the entire house. Kyle suggests a clash of the titans by sending in CT vs Darrell but Aneesa is not here for it. Queen B will be sticking with her original plan to help her friend out, and keep an unnecessary target off her back.

In the crater, TJ announces Amber B and Darrell are the compromised agents then asks Aneesa and Kyle whom they might like to throw into elimination. Kyle, respecting his partner and her game play, throws his vote to Big T and Cory in the name of friendship, and Aneesa does the same. TJ announces it is a male elimination night and Cory celebrates his opportunity to earn his gold skull while Darrell fumes. TJ tells us the name of the challenge is Operation Snapping Point. The challengers will be tethered to each other back to back via rope on a playing field filled with various poles to run through. When TJ gives the signal, They will have to race amongst their designated poles until they reach the last one then they will turn around and race back to the start, aiming to be the first to hit their buzzer. Eventually the tether will run out and the men will have to fight each other for who wants it more to drag their opponent through the literal mud to be the first to hit the buzzer. The first player to win two elimination rounds will get to stay in the game and keep Darrell’s gold skull.

The tension mounts as each gentleman dedicates their season to their kids back at home and you know the stakes are a bit more real for these two. They are suited up, tethered together and await the signal. TJ blows an air horn and the men sprint off, but Cory takes the lead fairly quickly.  He realizes how far in front of Darrell he is and launches his body through the air, landing on the buzzer, no endurance race necessary! The men line up for round two and the challengers appear surprised at how slow Darrell moved just there however Cory is not ready to underestimate his opponent just yet. TJ blows the airhorn and the men zoom off, this time Darrell seems to be holding his own. Cory sneaks ahead again and hits the buzzer before any endurance challenge would be necessary, sending Darrell home, stealing his gold skull and opportunity to compete in the final.

TJ complements Darrell on his game play and sportsmanship, acknowledging he gave his all, every time he stepped up to compete. Like the class act he is, Darrell walks off the set letting everyone know he enjoyed meeting them and wishes his fellow competitors the best of luck. The remaining male players seem thrilled 4 time champ Darrell is no longer in the running to compete for the grand prize. TJ offers Cory the opportunity to switch partners from his current pair with Big T to Darrell’s partner Amber B or any other female in the viewing booth. Cory finds himself in a bit of a tight spot as he does not want to saddle anyone with the Cory curse, it has just sent so many women home already. In a bit of a surprise move, Cory chooses to steal Kam from CT who in turn asks Big T to give him another shot.  She thinks about it for a moment and we all wonder if she really has the option to say no thanks, but she accepts. TJ then throws  bomb announcing no one has actually made it to the final yet but have a  great night wondering what that means. Tune in next week when the challengers jump out of an airplane then CT and Fessy get in a fight at an 80’s theme party where the neon is bright, but the challenge future may just be brighter.

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