Problems in Philadelphia?

 In Philadelphia, the Flyers are now in their third year running the Carter Hart and Brian Elliott duo. This has worked out especially this year despite there being a 13 year age difference. This is only Hart’s third professional year but his second in which he is taking the bulk of games.

The season total for games started is Hart at 16 and Elliott at 13. In the month of March the Flyers are 2-5-0. They went 4-2-2 in February and 7-2-1 in January. Things currently are not ideal for the Philadelphia Flyers as they are outside of a playoff spot. Hart and Elliot are not having their best season statistically but can’t be because of them. 

The Flyers are scoring a decent amount of goals. In fact they have not been shut out at all this year. The Flyers average 3.44 goals for and 3.32 against per game. The Flyers pretty much have an even goal differential. In order to make it to the playoffs, the Flyers might have to look closer at defense since they have eight players with at least 5 goals.

As for goaltending, there is good dynamic. Carter Hart is still very young and can only get better. Brian Elliott has a lot of experience who added value to the team since he was first signed in 2017. 

Both Carter Hart’s and Brian Elliott’s contract expire at the end of this season. Obviously, Hart would want to get paid after finishing up his entry level contract. But Brian Elliott is 35 years old. This is his second consecutive 1-year-contract signed with the Flyers. If Brian Elliott plays well for the rest of the season, he could absolutely be re-signed.

If Brian Elliott isn’t re-signed and a new backup isn’t acquired, the next man up would be either 28-year-old Alex Lyon or 24-year-old Felix Sandstrom.

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