Cam Re-Signing with Patriots, Great Move

Here we are a few days away from NFL Free Agency kicking off and the first domino in the quarterback carousal has fallen. Cam Newton has reached a 1 year, 14 million dollar contract to remain the New England Patriots quarterback for 2021. Oh wait, let me correct myself. The brilliance of this deal is it doesn’t guarantee anything to Cam outside of an opportunity to be the quarterback next year. A lot of hate already from NFL “experts” and basic people that just sit in their basement, go on the internet and complain. Here are three reasons why Cam re-signing with New England makes perfect sense.

3.) Cam gets a Fair Shot to Succeed this time

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So let me get this straight, the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady leaves New England because they have no weapons then Cam Newton comes in with less than what Brady has and gets destroyed by people because he wasn’t successful? Odd to say the least. Cam signed with New England late in the off season and due to COVID-19 there was no camp or OTA’s which are very important when trying to learn a new system and get continuity with receivers, lineman and running backs. Patriots top receiver Julian Edelman missed almost all of last year with injury and former first round pick N’Keal Harry was injured (like he unfortunately has been in his young career) and Jacobi Meyer actually broke out a bit and I expect him to be a possible contributor in 2021. Don’t forget after lighting it up week 1 against Miami and week 2 against Seattle, Cam get’s COVID and never looked the same after. Let’s not discredit the effects of COVID, ok? I had it in October and I still feel effects to this day. Could you imagine being a football player learning a new system then get hit with this illness that has killed hundred of thousands of people. Yeah I give him some slack for that. Let’s give Cam a full off season and see what happens, that seems fair right? Let’s not discredit the fact the locker room loves Cam and this move has already been applauded by multiple Patriots and players around the league on their social media accounts.

2.) Cam Re-signing helps New England Headed into Free Agency Multiple Ways

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New England’s biggest need going into the off season is wide receiver and tight end and their are tons of options headed into free agency. The thing about bringing in a receiver or tight end is they want to know who is throwing them the ball. Yes, all you haters are going to hate on Cam’s throwing ability but the fact Cam is now signed with New England makes them a more intriguing option for a Kenny Golladay, Curtis Samuel, JuJu Smith-Shuster, Hunter Henry, Jonnu Smith, TY Hilton, or whoever New England targets at those positions. Cam is respected around the league and one of the most likeable players in sports and players love playing with him so getting him under contract before free agency does nothing but help the team. It also doesn’t take away the fact the Patriots could add a Trey Lance, Mac Jones or Kyle Trask in the NFL Draft to start developing or even compete with Cam. The Patriots still have flexibility at the quarterback position. This move is a great move for both parties.

1.) In Bill We Trust

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After watching Tom Brady hoist up his seventh Super Bowl trophy last year do you really think Bill is going into this year not motivated to win? If Bill didn’t think Cam could win games for this team then Cam would not be on the roster. Bill Belichick is still the greatest coach in history and the fact he got seven wins out of a team with limited resources to improve, tons of pre season opt-outs due to COVID and dealing with injuries all over the team should give Patriots fans nothing but confidence going into this year. With 60 plus million dollars to spend in free agency, his full arsenal of draft picks and motivation behind him I don’t doubt Bill will have this team ready for this year and you can call me biased if you want but I see this team as a potential AFC East winner and depending on the moves they make in free agency and the draft, a legit threat once again. I trust Bill 100 percent and everyone else in Patriots Nation should too and I think this move with Cam is another stroke of brilliance by Bill and will lead us to another AFC East title and a shot to compete for the Super Bowl.

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