Why I Prefer Old School Wrestling

I tend to refer back to an era of professional wrestling where in my opinion there was more story and all around background that went into not only were your television shows but also the house shows which were also live events which were not televised. Your wrestlers made the people buy into what they were doing. Fans had better engagement because your disbelief would be suspended and those men really seemed to be wrestling over a real personal issue, these men and women didn’t like each other very much.

Their style was not always based solely on who could do spots, it was more about executing moves that were logical and made sense. Remember wrestling in-ring has always been storytelling at the absolute finest. Whenever I watched a program from Jim Crockett Promotions, Mid-South, CWA out of Tennessee and WCCW and AWA in my opinion the wrestlers from that time period knew how to either slow a match down and change the tempo of a match. Backstage segments with interviews also set up the story and patience was key over weeks, months, and years. As a fan I feel it’s entirely rushed too much so we can get to a big time matchup. A lot of the problem I’m seeing is that the marquee matchup has no real story or stakes which means anything to cause problems between your good guy taking on the bad guy. Angles that introduced storylines meant something more back then compared to now where we witness so many storylines not making sense or we’re left confused scratching our heads how does that make any sense and where’s the reasoning behind such formulas.

When I’m reviewing the way they did things during the territory days in wrestling I understand why those times as a wrestling fan were so special. Sure you had elements of comedy, silliness, mixed with serious then, but at least that still made sense when going back to those specific eras in the business.

Here’s the deal plenty of mistakes were made even then, however consistency was a constant element which helped draw families in to view and attend shows where you couldn’t wait to see the bad guy or his faction get what was coming to them, or maybe you were a fan of the villain and thought they were really cool. A gimmick had to get over and leave enough of an impression on the fans for all of us in general leaving you to want so much more.

Don’t forget about psychology as well, and work-rate in the ring and outside of it too. This is just an opinion, so next time someone asks me the question Why do I prefer Old School Wrestling? Well, here’s your answer.

Speaking of opinions, what do you prefer: old school or new school? Maybe a little of both?

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