Tinker, Tailer, Bunny, Spy Recap

Back in Iceland we are all waiting to see what ‘security breach’ means as TJ mounts the drama.  Looks like it’s double elimination night people (pause for gasps). Devin and Gabby are going in for sure as they got the most votes out of the house vote.  TJ brings our attention to who got the second most votes, Nany and Josh who will be going in as well it seems. CT and Big T get to determine the night’s match ups and Devin shouts out that he is ready to go, theatrically of course.  As Kyle explains it to us in his interview, this means CT is rich with power. He gets to put two people into elimination, completely shift the numbers in the house, and pick who he wants to go up against to earn his gold skull. TJ asks CT who he wants to pick for Devin’s match, and CT hands the keys over to Devin, letting him take his pick from the crowd. In a bit of a shock, Devin picks big dog Darrell, who frankly seems fine with it. TJ then asks who CT and Big T might want to go against Nany and Josh and they decide to  throw themselves in to try to earn their gold skulls.  The ladies are dismissed as we learn tonight is a double male elimination.

Tonight the challengers are playing Dead Ringer, which you may recall had Kam flying through the air like Michael Jordan, only this time it’s amped up a notch.  The poles are higher and farther away, making it a little more challenging than the first time we saw it. The guys will each start on a platform where they will have to gain enough momentum to swing over to their puzzle pieces, grab the piece, jump down to the ground and place it on their individual puzzle to solve. Devin and Darrell are up first with Darrell trying to steal away Devin’s gold skull. Darrell grabs all his puzzle pieces first and gets started on his puzzle but Devin isn’t very far behind. The anticipation mounts as these two are essentially neck and neck until the puzzles really trip them both up, but Darrell pulls out a win, earning his gold skull and chance to run the final.

CT feels pretty confident going into elimination against Josh for his match up, essentially he feels he will be able to grab his gold skull here. The Big Brother alliance is shaking in their boots because Josh is going against CT and let’s be real here, we all knew how this was going to end. CT finishes grabbing his puzzle pieces first, then solves his puzzle while Josh is still scrambling around looking for his puzzle pieces. In a touching moment, CT shares that he enjoys doing tangrams with his son, and that his son will be quite proud to see him win in this episode. It is nice to see the humanity in these players from time to time. A piece of the real person, not just the television personality. Then he tells us in an interview that he is struggling with the decision of if he wants to ‘play like a scumbag’ and trade in Big T for a better partner, so that brings us back to the game.

 TJ bids farewell to Josh and Devin, and with one last “Big Brother SUCKS!” they make their exit. He asks CT if he would like to switch partners and in a shocking turn of events, he calls down Kam, overtly celebrating the decision, shocking the other players with this candor particularly Big T. CT is shouting that he has regretted not picking Kam sine day one and never stopped thinking about getting paired back up with her.  The cast members all seem to agree that really it was overkill and cruel to Big T, not to mention Kam’s old partner, his friend Kyle. Alternatively, Darrell chooses to show his current partner loyalty and stick with her when given the chance to switch. Kyle is now given the option of picking a new partner from Big T, Gabby, or Nany. Kyle angrily shouts out that CT is a backstabber before choosing to partner with Nany, which is frankly the obvious choice out of the three.  We may recall, however, that Kyle and Nany had previously been paired together on this challenge but Kyle dropped her, then tried to vote her into elimination, so this is spicy. Cory chooses Gabby he says to help with puzzles, and she hopes she can survive the Cory Curse. This leaves Big T paired up with Nam who is interested in a new partnership after Lolo up and left the game.

Back at the house the mood is somber as everyone starts to digest what has happened. Kyle feels betrayed and CT starts yelling at him for feeling that way, which frankly just feels defensive. CT did the wrong thing here, to a few of the players, might be time to shut up big guy. Big T is also rightly hurt by CT so Fessy holds her and tries to soothe her as she cries because he always has to be where the single ladies are. Kam connects with Big T while she cries and starts to question her own partnership with CT as its clear he can not be trusted.

Banana Rama’s Cruel Summer plays as the challengers head off to enjoy some fun in the sun at a hot springs where they can kick back and relax. The remaining 14 challengers celebrate their success so CT takes the opportunity to send Big T some Champagne but the girls seem unimpressed. CT really showed his true colors this episode and it does not look like he will be getting away unscathed so easily. Big T is not the only one feeling sad with the loss of a partner as Nany appears to be having a really tough time with Josh’s departure but manages to set her sights on Fessy. Nam’s back pain gets bad enough that he has to go to the hospital and CT tries to get Big T to forgive him, which is also painful to watch.  At one point he tells her she is not ready for the final, then YELLS at her that no one will ever break her spirit. Not once does he admit he did the wrong thing, despite how hurt T truly is. For every hurt partners everywhere, Big T gathers herself together and demands respect as she holds him responsible for his callous actions. It was beautiful.

The green light flashes and the challengers realize they are going to be participating in a nighttime challenge. The challengers meet TJ inside a darkened warehouse where we learn that Nam is too injured to continue in the competition and Big T is now the rouge agent. Will she have time to compete for her gold skull? It’s all very unclear at this point in the game. The mission for the other challengers is called Mission Survive the Night. Each team of two will be locked within a wire cell where they will have to endure torturous conditions and complete a series of tests. The first team that can survive the night then break free from their binds and then their cells, will be this week’s double agents. The teams of two go into their cells and get chained together by their wrists. The lights start to flash and screeching sounds echo through the warehouse as the episode comes to a close.

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