Piping Hot Challenge Tea

You may have noticed that famed Olympic athlete Lolo Jones quit the Challenge this week leaving many to question not only her team spirit but also her sportsmanship.  What kind of real athlete just ups and quits? As I am not the only Challenge fan asking this question, it seems Lolo has been taking to her Twitter claiming she did not actually quit by her own choice.  Instead, she released the following statement:

“MTV the challenge forced me to quit, and that is the facts. I’ve never quit anything in my life. Heck I’m one of the oldest Olympians bc I don’t quit. I was pulled aside before the show and told to make it look like I needed to leave.” 

She of course goes on to say it was a good thing she left otherwise she never would have been able to make the USA bobsled team in time for the cutoff and then would not have won the World Championship in bobsled as she did in February of this year.  She then goes on to announce that Big T and CT did not actually win their daily which got them to be Double Agents in this week’s episode. To that I say, take your bitterness and go elsewhere. This all just makes Lolo sound like a sore loser, medals and championship titles aside, there is a particular attitude that comes with being a real athlete, and I am not seeing it from Lolo in these tweets. I also did  not see that athlete attitude from her on the show. Lots of tears, focusing more on Nam not wanting to hook up with her than the actual competition, complaining she was not able to perform due to others, or really anything she could pass the blame to, got old really quickly.  Not being able to take accountability makes her look like a disgruntled teenager who has been grounded for breaking the rules then is angry at the caretakers that grounded them. You either did the right thing to get to the goal you wanted to achieve or you didn’t. Case closed.

What makes this story even more delicious is Devin Walker, notorious button pusher, responding to Lolo’s claims via his own twitter. He posted “Y’all want a statement?  Here you go. Anyone that says BIG T and CT didn’t win that challenge by the rules that were laid out is lying.  I’m happy to discuss this LIVE with any of them…@lolojones stop belittling the challenge.  I get it, ur an “athlete” that couldn’t beat a bunch of “drunks” in ANYTHING… that’s tough.  You weren’t blocked out of elimination, you were scared of it. Don’t throw hurdles if ur running on a glass track.”

Devin is serving up some tea and it is PIPING HOT!  I am so here for all of this.  It has been slightly disappointing that MTV is not focusing as much on the drama between challengers this season, but it is nice for the challengers to remind us that there is always the twitterverse to keep us in the know.

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