My Coastal Championship Wrestling Experience

Here are some of my experiences from CCW this past weekend.

January 20th CCW Alive Episode 1.18 - Minutes to Bell Time

Coastal Championship Wrestling is a premiere independent wrestling promotion based in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area. They also have their own training facility where students graduate to become wrestling stars. CCW ran two shows in 2020 in the music city of Nashville, Tennessee and my personal impression speaking from a fan’s perspective are that they are all quality and action-packed shows. Fans are truly entertained when they attend the shows by this great organization.

A wrestler named Vinicious who was known as “ The Brazilian Destroyer and Giant along with legendary wrestler “The Great” Pablo Marquez both saw a passion when we met as they did and so many others who loved wrestling. So, he gave me an opportunity to be one of the ring-announcers at a show titled Luchamania back in July that took place on a Saturday July 25th of last year. Then in October, Halloween Hardcore Heaven featured another great card with an ECW legend in Sabu. But that wasn’t the biggest moment of the night for me. Taking a headbutt by Vinicious that I still have a mark from by the way! I’ll tell you my head still too now that you mention it. Let me explain and describe the literal fear I had when a masked Brazilian giant destroyed this civilian inside a wrestling ring. I ended up making a grave mistake on the night of Saturday Oct. 24th, 2020. If you ask me what’s one moment so far which stood out? There have been so many, but that one moment ranks number one for me. Those people enjoyed witnessing some unknown official who was trying to stop a madman and his manager Bill Alfonzo. Maybe you’ve heard of him? He is a ECW legend and a manger of champions, who happens to manage this monster from the jungles of Brazil named Vinicious. Vicious is more like it.

Fast-Forward to Saturday Feb. 20, 2021. CCW presented another show called “Enter the Machine.” Current AEW superstar Brian Cage was the headliner. I’ll speak from personally seeing him their in person, he is a machine and very intimidating at. He and KC Navarro competed in an awesome main-event. Christi Jaynes took on Marina Tucker in a great matchup. “The Natural” Chase Stevens went up against Matthew Justice. Oh yeah, that’s also the guy who blows the whistle and is the same guy who kicked me out of the ring back at the last show after Vinicious beat me up just to embarrass me. Stevens and Justice went to war on this night. Now for this event I helped with collecting wrestler’s ring attire and have to admit it was really cool. CCW Heavyweight Champion El Jefe Santos faced Jake St. Patrick and my takeaway was it was an incredible match. The Tag-Team Champions The South American Alliance Vinicious and Ariel Levy battled Controversial Inc. with LaBrava by their side in another fantastic match. That’s even considering that it had Vinicious and Ariel and Alfonzo in it as well. Gotta give them guys credit, even if it pains me to do so. 

Their Southeastern Champion “The Hobo Prince” Bugs Moran if fans have not had an opportunity to watch him then you are missing out. it’s always a fun and unique match with Bugs. Moran’s opponent scares people, and his name is Vic Arson. Their guy likes fire a little too much if you ask me. The big man Vince Steele is a great wrestler. My man Benny Blanco is facing Stefan Rivera. I’m going to be complimentary by stating these two wrestlers have a bright future and are talented. Juice James with Dr. Eric Christopher that’s a winning duo, a great wrestler with an annoying manager but I have to make an admission, the manager has talent no doubt about it. 

I didn’t forget how great the referees are ranging from Bruce Owens, Amy Veronica, Jose Lucinella, & Ref Max. They are important and each have either been referees at one or more of the shows in Nashville. Ring announcers Sean Bossman & Michael El Reyy, who also is a phenomenal manager. Dan Evans provided play-by-play along with “The Blue Chip” Bo Tayvian  on color commentary. I wanted to give props to “The Magnificent” Johnny Walker who has also done color commentary with Dan on past shows and events currently with CCW. Other superstars who’ve worked the Nashville shows before include Cha Cha Charlie, Will Austin, Jackal, Agony, “The Bus” Andy English and other talent such as the “ Nashville Nightmare” Chris Nelms who’s also worked on a few shows for them. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone so forgive me as everyone is so crucial to the success of these shows I can see that.

I’m living the dream of getting involved with the wrestling business.  It’s an emotional journey to listen and learn from some of the best. I’ve literally had tears in my eyes thinking of one day doing something at some level with a wrestling promotion. My prayers were answered, concerning these opportunities with CCW. In my opinion they are the best going today. My respect for them is at a high regard. They care about the fans, families who come to shows whether it’s in Florida or Tennessee or anywhere. So like many before me, I Tyler Peters support Coastal Championship Wrestling and all independent wrestling not just pro. To me CCW are the pros. I’m still waking up and asking myself, is this real? I get to talk and meet with wrestlers, do ring-announcing, and getting in the ring to get hit by a wrestler. Don’t forget taking care of ring attire! This whole experience has been a huge blessing.

Don’t ever give up on pursuing your goals and dreams in life. That’s my story detailing my experience so far with Coastal Championship Wrestling.

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