An Inconvenient Goof Recap

Now that all of the gold skulls have been won in Iceland, the remaining challengers may need to steal a skull from a player who has already earned one in order to compete in the final.  Currently Fessy, Aneesa, Leroy, Kam, Kaycee, Kyle, Devin, Amber B and Josh all have gold skulls and tensions are high. Devin is still aching to annihilate the Big Brother alliance and now Amber B is looking to out Gabby. As you may recall, Gabby blindsided Amber last week when she threw her into elimination, and they were supposed to be friends! Gabby has some serious regrets about not throwing herself into elimination, which, yeah, she should. Josh is slowly but surely falling in love with Nany, while CT puts Big T through his own set of training exercises as he knows he will have win a daily challenge in order to throw himself into elimination so he can try for his own gold skull. The challengers start to wonder if Lolo will stick around, perhaps due to the fact that she keeps telling people she would rather go home and train for the Olympics than be there in the Challenge house.

The challengers walk through the Icelandic landscape and I for one am so thrilled for the scenic views.  We could do with more of that MTV! TJ tells us today we will watch Mission Air Lift. One team at a time will start at the front of a speedboat a helicopter will swoop in with two ropes.  The challengers will have to jump off the boat and grab hold of those ropes and hang on until they reach the drop zone, where they will have to plummet into the water.   At that point they will have to swim to a floating platform. Players will have to jump up onto the platform and hit a button, ending their time clock. Whoever has the fastest time will become this week’s double agents. TJ hops into the helicopter and the event begins.

Kaycee and Leroy are up first so they take their places atop the speedboat and it speeds off, trying to catch up with the helicopter just ahead. They are each able to grab a hold of their ropes and hang on as the helicopter takes them over to their drop zone. These two look flawless as they encourage each other all the way up to the finish line. Darrell and Amber B are next, then Kam and Kyle, then Nany and Josh step up while the purge music plays in the background. Josh actually goes to grab for Nany’s rope, throwing her off her game and she loses her balance only to fall in the water and he never actually is able to grab a hold of his rope. Team disqualified. Heat over. Devin starts taunting the pair viciously causing Nany to actually walk off and dissolve into tears.

Fessy and Aneesa are up next but Aneesa slides off her rope just as soon as she grabs hold of it. Lolo and Nam are desperate for a win, as neither of them have their gold skulls. LoLo seems to have some kind of panic attack in the water and Nam feels a shooting pain in his back the moment they finish their mission. Devin fails to grab his rope when its his turn with miss Gabby getting the pair of them disqualified by pure karmic circumstance. CT and Big T, who win at interviews by the way, also win the challenge due to CT being CT and Big T having taken pole dancing classes which helped her with the rope hang, and oh yeah, she was on her school’s swim team so surprise, T is a beast.

Back at the house, CT starts campaigning to go into elimination against Josh, suggesting his friends vote in Nany and Josh into elimination. The crew heads to the igloo where all the challengers do a celebratory shot gun and compete in some friendly flip cup. Amber B starts hugging up on Devin despite the fact that he had blindsided her the week before. Somehow she seems to think being friendly with Devin will get her back in Gabby’s good graces but really Gabby is just pissed Devin is even speaking to Amber. Gabby tries to hold Devin accountable back at the house but he just outs that she has been connecting with both Fessy and Josh all season knowing he is against the Big Brother alliance so what does he owe her really. Devin tries to rally the troops to his side and starts trying to convince the members of the house who are not from Big Brother to break up that alliance.

CT and Big T discover the compromised agents are Gabby and Devin and they see Darrell is one of the folks who voted for them, exposing his game, affecting CT’s trust in him. Big T falls even more in love with CT as he bats his eyelashes at her and tells her he will be throwing himself into elimination to get his gold skull. They leave the double agents booth and CT goes right up to Devin to tell him the news, that they will be going in against each other. Devin reminds us that he has beaten both Wes and Bananas and all that’s left on his list are CT and Darrell so this would be an opportunity to keep ticking away at that list. CT seems more annoyed with Darrell than concerned about going in against someone he was working with.

Lolo announces she is going to leave the game, which looks like a bit of a surprise to her partner Nam even though she told him she was going to do this earlier. She basically tells everyone that training for the Olympics is more important to her than consistently getting blocked from being able to go into competition in the Challenge. The girls are not mad about this decision. Nam realizes he will not have the opportunity to compete in the next challenge as he will be the rouge agent thanks to Lolo leaving. He may not be able to compete in time to make it to the final, Lolo’s final revenge.

The challengers enter the crater and we see a set up similar to another challenge we saw Killer Kam dominate just a few weeks earlier. Devin and Gabby are called down as the compromised agents for the week and Devin tries to hype himself up as he is certain it is a guys elimination day. While TJ is welcoming them to the crater, an alarm goes off and the screen reads “security breach.” Tune in next week as we find out what that means, who goes in, and who goes home.

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