Hollywood Star Discusses Wrestling Mick Foley

Actor Kevin James recently made an appearance on the show Hot Ones, where it featured him eating spicy wings and answering questions. A popular question was asked pertaining to how his experience was being on the same high school team as WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.

James responded about Foley, “I played football and never wrestled before, but they were in need of another heavyweight to go with Mick for their school team.” So James elaborated more saying they had brought him over, and James and Foley had some serious battles. “I used to throw him around a little more, I think I was in better shape than him.”

Both men found ways to become more creative by using innovation on their methods of taking bumps back in high school. In Kevin James opinion, “That’s where the mind for pro wrestling began to develop for Mick,” James felt. “I remember him jumping off the roof of his house landing on cardboard boxes, he was just doing these weird things,” and James spoke to the kind nature of Foley at least when he wasn’t wrestling, saying he’s the nicest guy ever.

James holds his high school wrestling teammate in high regard. The actor paid Foley so many compliments for what all he has been able to accomplish outside of wrestling as well. From writing books for children, to how Foley is a champion for charity. Just a great, great guy. But Kevin did admit that “well, Mick was definitely a little off,” James also while making the statement pointed at his head.

Any quotes should be credited to the Hot Ones show.

Who would like to see Kevin James and Mick Foley team up to do a movie? I know that I would, share your opinions and leave a comment.

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