Triple H Creating a Second NXT Show

News had already come out just last year concerning WWE creating and producing a second NXT show.  From the looks of it, the name for this new program will be called “NXT EVOLVE” and another big creation for their new show will also include a Championship belt.

Back in December of 2020, we knew Triple H was getting serious about the NXT brand expanding and with WWE acquiring the EVOLVE promotion that opened up the door for such a great opportunity where the black and gold brand would be guaranteed another show up and running in the works. Triple H himself was already in the process of creating and assembling a team to oversee a major project like this one. Gabe Sapolsky is the guy who would be leading their creative team and also Gabe could have writers and agents to assist him when it comes to writing the actual television episodes. Triple H had essentially handed the keys over to Gabe with regards to a new venture in utilizing a acquisition they already had.

Ideas were bounced around on what WWE was going to name the show, an example had been “NXT for NXT.” Here is the strategy according to the original idea many felt, mostly Triple H, that they wanted this show to be branded like it was another promotion by having them run in smaller televised markets that NXT serviced. Live event business is evidently an issue with events not likely to return anytime soon. The new idea shows that WWE wanted to make it a TV series. Their goal for a debuted launch is set for early 2021, however things were delayed and will possibly face even more delays.

A credit to the website, Fightful Select as they revealed more new details on the new NXT show. The title will be “NXT EVOLVE” and graphics are already being created with a brand new Championship belt with that same exact name on the title. We know things change, but for now that’s the name. Both Sapolsky and Jeremy Borash are believed to be heavily involved with the production. Also what’s worth mentioning is it’s supposed to be like nothing WWE has produced before. They will begin taping the new concept at the warehouse which WWE uses as a makeshift Performance Center type setup and the company also used it when the pandemic first occurred last year.

WWE is not wasting time either, they are filming content for the show and are featuring many of their new talent that was signed going back to the summer of 2020. Josiah Williams had hosted a “NXT EVOLVE” show and he recently did a hip-hop intro for the “TakeOver: Vengeance Day” event. The new NXT program will have more of that fight kind of feel to it. There’s not gonna be any live commentary, so if anything were to be added later, that could still be done in post-production.

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