Amber Alert Recap

We open the new episode of The Challenge after Kaycee’s win with the Big Brother alliance boasting 3 out of 4 of them having gold skulls. Stealth. Meanwhile, in another room CT and Devin are taking a ride on the scheme machine, trying to figure out how to get rid of Josh first, since he is essentially a lay up. Cory and Amber M make some jokes about how she is next in the Cory curse and Fessy is chatting it up with miss Gabby in a separate, more private space. We here at The Buzz have been told he was romancing many ladies this season but here he sure has Gabby smitten. Smitten enough to entertain the idea of ditching Devin as her partner to switch to Fessy. Lolo and Nam continue to argue about how they cant seem to get on the same page. Lolo is very interested in a relationship and is really asking for one with Nam and he does not seem to be interested in discussing that part of their partnership at all. Lolo is now requesting that they actually part ways as partners but Nam does not seem interested in that either.

The Challengers walk up to what looks to be Black Sand Beach on Iceland’s shores. I’ve noticed there is not a lot of commentary on the locations of the challenges this season, but this particular daily is called Black Sand Op so I’ll take a wild guess here. The Challengers will need to run through 100 lite torches, standing upright on Black Sand Beach, searching in the sand beneath them for one of ten of their team’s puzzle pieces. Should they find an opponent’s puzzle piece they are welcome to decide if they want to leave the piece out, or bury it again to slow down the opponent, which also slows down that challenger, but I suppose that is the risk one takes. The first team to solve their puzzle after recovering all their pieces will become this week’s Double Agents.

TJ blows the horn and the Challengers take off, Lolo with literal dust kicking up at her heels easily takes the lead, assertively suggesting Nam hurry up and join her. Various teams of two split off searching in the sand for their puzzle pieces. Josh and Nany find their piece first and shares that the Big Brother alliance will be working together on this challenge, leaving each others pieces uncovered as they find them. The other challengers it seems all seem to be ganging up on Devin and Gabby, hiding their puzzle pieces should they come across them. Josh and Nany actually finish finding their pieces first and Nany gets to cracking their puzzle, basically on her own. Several of the other teams join them and the race to solve the puzzle begins. CT and Big T believe they have solved the puzzle first but turns out it is not correct! Devin and Gabby scream out they require a check and wouldn’t you know, public enemy number 1 has won the daily challenge!

Back at the house Devin and CT celebrate his win and essentially announces he is planning on sending in Josh against whichever one of his friends would like to go into the crater against him. Josh discussing this exact scenario with Leroy and Fessy in a separate room states he has no problem going into the crater as long as he is ‘comfortable’ with the person he can go in against, like Devin will somehow give him that choice. Meanwhile Gabby seems quite interested in going into the crater herself as she intends to earn her gold skull and somehow seems to think she could beat Nany. As you may recall, the only way for the men to get a gold skull at this point is to take it from someone who has already earned their skull in an elimination but there are still 2 gold skulls available for the women to win. She tells Devin this later on that night when they are celebrating at their igloo club and he won’t hear it. He essentially tells her he will be sending in Josh and Nany and that will be all. This turns into an argument back at the house as Gabby calls him out on only looking out for himself and he can’t be bothered to take it seriously. Speaking of arguments, Lolo and Nam get INTO it in front of the entire house the following day. Nam suggested that they try and get themselves to be the house vote and Lolo can not handle this suggestion.  She gets upset and remains focused only on the fact that Nam and her are not dating. Nam continues to appear oblivious to her declarations of love so Lolo tells him to go ahead and takes some space, ‘for eternity.’

At deliberation Nany brings up that there are some teams that want to go in and Amber M speaks up saying that both her and Cory want to go into elimination and would like to be considered for the house vote. Someone says CT’s name and in true CT fashion he throws everyone’s attention elsewhere suggesting Lolo might want to go in. Lolo starts crying as she says she would like to go in to get a gold skull but also to separate from Nam. Nam agrees and Lolo takes over and asks the house to vote for them while crying. I feel just awful that she is crying over a man, its really tough to watch, however some of the other challengers don’t have the patience for any of this. It is not a problem for them that this powerhouse team is having problems and it should have not been brought up against a house vote.

Devin and Gabby learn Amber M and Cory have been voted into elimination by the house vote. Devin is pretty upset about this since he was planning on throwing in Josh and Nany as the house vote and was campaigning hard to achieve that. He then learns its actually almost the entire house that voted for Amber M and Cory, going against his wishes. Devin starts flailing and starts dropping out big names to throw in as their vote and Gabby essentially tells him to chill out, he’s being crazy, and she wants to go in anyway!

The green light goes off and the challengers head into the night over to the crater where a similar set up to Hall Brawl stands. TJ tells us Amber M and Cory get voted in and Cory tells us whether it be a female of male elimination day, they are both ready to go in. TJ then asks if Gabby and Devin want to go down as well and Gabby announces the two are not on the same page. Gabby seems to hold some kind of strange loyalty to Devin that he very clearly does not hold to her and passes on the opportunity to earn her gold skull. TJ reminds her that its actually important to earn a gold skull and Kam calls her out for playing a scared game. In a surprise twist Gabby decides to send in Darrell and Amber B who is not thrilled about being blindsided. Nany and Josh start yelling about how they should have gotten thrown in. TJ tells us it will be a female elimination and we learn it will be Amber M vs Amber B, in the ultimate Amber off.

TJ tells us the elimination is Hall Brawl with a twist. The women will have to race through the glass hallway towards each other, then get past each other in order to rush to grab a ball on the outer end of the hall. They will need to grab that ball then bring the ball to the other side of the hall without it getting knocked away or stolen by their opponent. The winner will earn their gold skull and the chance to run in the final.

The women line up on either side of the hall and TJ blows the horn.  They runs towards each other and Amber M dives to the ground, Amber B seeming to shove her even further to the ground. B steps over M, flicking her hands off her like an annoying fly at a picnic. She grabs her ball, turns around and easily slides by M to get her first point. B continues to dominate as Gabby regrets her decision and M seems to forget that she needs to have a ball for this competition. At one point B simply bats M to the side and wins the competition. Everyone LOLs at the ridiculousness of wasting a Hall Brawl on these two.

TJ says a fond farewell to Amber M citing the B in Amber B must stand for beast. The curse of Cory’s partner strikes again as his fifth partner departs from the game. TJ offers Amber B the opportunity to switch partners and she very clearly states she will NOT be switching to Cory, pause for laughs, and will be sticking with Darrell. Cory is once again a rogue agent and Gabby has many MANY regrets as she realizes Devin completely played her and she just handed Amber B a gold skull instead of earning it herself. Tune in next week for Mission Airlift where we see the challengers hanging from a helicopter, balancing on the top of a boat, and engage in a security breach.

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