WWE NXT Star Deactivates Twitter Account

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our culture and the way we live and ever since last year, we have seen many people be affected by this virus. A lot of folks find themselves being criticized for not wearing masks in public to help protect each other from getting COVID.  It’s no different for celebrities or professional wrestlers; in this particular case, WWE NXT star Kacy Catanzaro, is facing some harsh criticism and backlash from fans on social media regarding a situation where she did not wear her mask inside a Florida restaurant.

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Let’s just say the critique got so bad for the American Ninja Warrior and current WWE NXT talent, that she actually deactivated her personal Twitter page over it. What seemed to cause an uproar was Catanzaro addressing the COVID-19 mask controversy from this past Friday. Friday night her account was still live and active, but if you’re searching or if you follow her on Twitter a message will now read…

Catanzaro took to Twitter on Friday to issue a response via video for all the concern and criticism that she has recently had to face amidst this situation since publicly posting a video from a restaurant last week, in which she and friends can be seen dining without their masks on.

Here is Kacy’s response, “What’s up Twitter? I just wanted to get on here and be able to talk to everyone for a minute,” Kacy said in the Twitter video, “I know people are concerned that I was at a restaurant over the weekend. I want everyone to know that I hear you and I appreciate the concern. Here where I live in Florida, restaurants are open to a certain capacity. We wear a mask when we go in, when we leave, really anytime that we aren’t sitting down at our table we to have a mask, but when we are sitting down to eat or drink, we are allowed to take our masks off, and I know that that’s the part people saw that people were upset with.”

“I’m sorry for anybody that is upset and I understand your concern and I want you to know that I do care about the safety of others around me, and myself, and I follow all of the protocol. Luckily for me with work we get tested at least once a week if not twice sometimes, and I carry my hand sanitizer with me everywhere, abs everywhere that we have to, I wear my mask. I’m sorry that this moment made people think otherwise but I just want you all to know that I hear you, I appreciate the concern, I’m looking out for the safety of others around me as well as trying to take care of myself the best I can and I wish the best for everybody else.” Catanzaro would end the video by blowing a kiss to her viewers.

So far Kacy still has her Instagram account going live right now. Catanzaro did not mention the mask controversy or what her Twitter status will be on her Insta. She has since deleted the original video from the restaurant from a few days ago, but apparently a fan still has the video somehow.

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Catanzaro and tag-team partner Kayden Carter have been featured in the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic Tag Team Tournament also called the Dusty Cup. Kacy has yet to test positive for the coronavirus.

I have to say that I’m a huge fan of Kacy Catanzaro. I’m not here to judge her, I like many wish her current WWE NXT run alongside Kayden Carter to continue to be great. Like so many who have to report on these matters that’s simply what I’m doing.

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