Where Will JJ Watt Land?

By now, every football fan is aware that the Houston Texans have released possibly the greatest player to have ever played for the franchise thus far. I was going to write about the best potential fits yesterday but I took a day to think about what Watt’s next move should be. The guy has never been to the Super Bowl and for a player of such caliber, that’s a shame. I’m still sad Larry Fitzgerald might retire without a Super Bowl ring but at least he got to play in the big game. Rumors are going rampant already and people everywhere are giving their opinions on where Watt should end up. Want to take a wild guess what I’m about to do? CORRECT. These are my five best landing spots for future hall of famer, JJ Watt.

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5.) New England Patriots

Yes, I am a New England Patriots fan but this move does make sense for both parties. New England has a couple of young up and coming pass rushers in Chase Winovich and Josh Uche – who could benefit from learning under the future hall of fame defensive lineman JJ Watt. Don’t forget the mutual respect Watt and Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick have. Bill has spoke very highly of Watt over the year even putting him in the same category of legendary linebacker Lawrence Taylor. Bill never puts anyone in LT’s category so that comparison should not be taken lightly. The issue is, New England doesn’t have a quarterback (yet) and isn’t in win-now mode (yet). But what they can offer is more money with the Patriots projected to have more than $60M dollars in cap space – so they could ante up a little more to maybe offset the fact they might not be the sexiest fit as far as winning right away. The havoc Watt could cause under a Belichick-ran defense would be fun to watch and I, for one, hope it happens. But with no quarterback in place and Watt reportedly looking to go to a Super Bowl contender, it may be unlikely. But one thing we all know is to never underestimate Bill Belichick. The Patriots are for sure a team worth watching in the JJ Watt sweepstakes.

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4.) Dallas Cowboys

Americas Team – the Dallas Cowboys! The Cowboys badly need another pass rusher to pair with DeMarcus Lawrence. The allure of playing for the Cowboys despite them not winning a Super Bowl in over two decades is there. The Cowboys will get quarterback Dak Prescott back from injury (yes, he’s a free agent but he will be back in Dallas, don’t kid yourself) and they are a few defensive pieces away from making a long playoff run. Watt would provide a huge upgrade over every other Cowboys defensive lineman and Dallas would provide Watt a chance to play a lot and win right away. If I’m Jerry Jones, I’m calling JJ right now and trying to convince him to sign and if I’m JJ, I would listen and seriously consider it.

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3.) Pittsburgh Steelers

This one is pretty cut and dry of why the Pittsburgh Steelers are a fit for Watt. JJ’s younger brother, TJ, plays for the Steelers and JJ has said numerous times he would love to play with his little brother. The problem is, the Steelers are in salary cap hell, they have a couple players they need to resign (Juju anyone?) and they have that terrible $41.3M cap hit on Big Ben to complicate things. I don’t thing Ben is the quarterback he once was or is even a top 15 quarterback at this point in his career – so if Watt ends up going to Pittsburgh, I think it will be just to be able to play with his brother as I feel the Steelers are about to go into a decline. Watt said he’d take minimum money to go play with his brother but their is a difference between saying something and doing something. We’ll see what happens but the Steelers are for sure a team JJ will consider.

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2.) Cleveland Browns

Let’s say your an opposing quarterback and you have to go up to the line and on one side you see Myles Garrett and on the other you see JJ Watt. What do you do if your an offensive coordinator? Which guy do you double? The Cleveland Browns took a huge step forward this year and were one (horrible) missed call away from being in the AFC Championship game. Watt could provide a running mate for Myles Garrett that he’s never had and provide veteran leadership for a young Browns team that’s on the way up. Watt could be the player that helps take the Cleveland Browns to the next level. It might be hard for him, because his brother plays in Pittsburgh, but it also could be fun to compete against your brother twice a year. The Browns make a ton of sense for JJ Watt.

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1.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If I were JJ Watt this would be a simple decision for me. With Tampa Bay possibly losing Shaq Barrett, Lavonte David, Ndamukong Suh, and possibly others – he would fill not only a huge void, but Tampa gives him the best chance to get something that he has yet to get – a Super Bowl ring. Watt and Bucs quarterback Tom Brady have a mutual respect and think very highly of one another and I think one call from Tom telling JJ to come down to Florida and win a ring with him would entice him enough to get him to take a smaller deal money wise for a chance to win. It wouldn’t be the first time a high caliber player took a pay cut to play with the GOAT and I think it would be the smartest move for Watt as well.

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