Senators should be Patient with Matt Murray

In October 2020, the Ottawa Senators acquired Matt Murray and then two days later, they signed him to a four year contract worth $25 million. It was clear that the Senators intended on making him their number one goalie this season.

We are 17 games into the Sens’ season. Murray is 2-7-0 with a GAA of 2.69 and a .882 save percentage. Murray began his NHL career at the top of the hockey world with repeating Stanley Cups to his name. He unfortunately has not been able to produce similar results since then.

His teammate, Marcus Hogberg isn’t any better at 2-5-0 with a GAA of 4.32 and .860 save percentage. He is the same age as Murray but much newer to the league. He spent a lot of time playing in Europe but actually spent less time in the minors than Murray did thanks to the development overseas.

The Senators are in last place in the league with their young and rebuilding team. They have the lowest goal differential in the league at -29. To put that into  perspective, the Detroit Red Wings are the second lowest with -19.

Based on all of these numbers, there really isn’t anybody to blame right now. Marcus Hogberg has been getting a little more playing time over the last couple weeks but it has nothing to do with Matt Murray as far as numbers go. He had a big night in the recent comeback victory against the Maple Leafs making 38 saves.

The criticism shouldnt be placed in their goaltending department because this is a team whose core is not there yet in terms of being competitive in the best hockey league in the world. Both these guys routinely get peppered with an average of 31 shots faced per game. 

What we do know is the Senators have potential to be much better in a couple years, this is likely why was signed for four years. Not to back stop them for a rebuild, but to hopefully be their backbone goaltender when the Senators compete for a Stanley Cup.

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