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As we approach free agency, the trade rumor mill is going crazy! The quarterback market is going to be the craziest its been in years and there are a ton of big name players available. I’m going to go over some trades that I think should happen. Some of them might and some of them won’t. But looking around the NFL and considering all the needs of each team, I did some salary cap research and draft capital situations to construct these trades. I feel each of these trades are mutually beneficial to each team and makes each team better either right now, in the future, or both. Let me know what you think of my trade ideas at the bottom of the page. Have a great day!

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Baltimore acquires WR Julio Jones from the Atlanta Falcons for its 2021 first-round pick

The Baltimore Ravens are in dire need for an upgrade at the wide receiver position and Julio Jones would be the perfect fit. This would give Ravens QB Lamar Jackson his first true number one receiver in his young career. Look at what the Buffalo Bills acquiring WR Stephon Diggs last season did for the development of QB Josh Allen. I think the same could happen for Jackson should the Ravens acquire Jones. The rebuilding Atlanta Falcons already have stud WR Calvin Ridley ready to take over the number 1 role at receiver, so this trade should be easy for them to make as they need as much draft capital as possible. This move fills one of Baltimore’s biggest needs and gives Atlanta another first-round pick to help kick start their rebuild.

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Indianapolis Colts acquire QB Teddy Bridgewater from the Carolina Panthers for a 2021 third and sixth round draft pick

We knew when the Carolina Panthers signed Teddy Bridgewater last season, he was just a stop-gap until coach Matt Rhule could get his own guy. Now, Rhule is sitting in the 8th position in the draft and can take a guy like Trey Lance or trade up for a guy like Zac Wilson that fits his system. Enter the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are ready to win now and just need a quarterback that can manage the game, extend the play, and not turn the ball over. Bridgewater did have 11 interceptions last season, but I do trust the Colts coaching staff to game-plan better with him in order to limit those going forward. The Panthers getting a third and sixth round pick would give them more draft ammo to possibly put towards moving up in the draft to get someone or just use to continue to build up their young roster. Since the Colts don’t want to give up the farm to go get Eagles QB Carson Wentz, this is a much cheaper and maybe even better alternative.

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Seattle Seahawks acquire LT Orlando Brown from the Baltimore Ravens for a 2021 second round pick and a 2022 fourth round pick

Orlando Brown has made it clear that he is a left tackle and has been given permission to seek a trade. With franchise quarterback Russell Wilson unhappy about lack of protection from his offensive, line I think it’d be smart for Seattle to invest in a player such as Brown. Seattle is up against the cap and with Brown becoming a free agent after 2021 which pose an issue. Cutting Carlos Dunlap can save Seattle $14M right off the bat and their are restructuring of contracts to players such as Bobby Wagner, Tyler Lockett, and Duane Brown (who would move to right tackle if Brown is acquired). The reason Baltimore is only getting a second and fourth round pick is due to the fact that Brown is going to be a free agent and that extension isn’t going to be cheap. This would be a good show of faith to Russell Wilson by the Seahawks proving they want to keep him happy and upright which would be smart for Seattle as the last thing they want is him demanding a trade or showing further dissatisfaction with the organization.

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Buffalo Bills acquire TE Zach Ertz from the Philadelphia Eagles for a 2021 fifth round pick

The Buffalo Bills have a good amount of weapons now for QB Josh Allen, but a good pass-catching tight end is something he has yet to have. Zach Ertz coming off an injury-plagued 2020 season would have a career rejuvenation landing with a contender like the Buffalo Bills. Ertz would also serve as a great mentor to 2019 third round pick, Dawson Knox. The Eagles have already been shopping Ertz and a divorce between the two seems inevitable. The Eagles, at this point, will be just lucky to get anything in draft compensation in return for the former Pro Bowl tight end. This move would give them another diverse weapon behind Stephon Diggs, John Brown and Gabriel Davis. This is a move that could put the Bills at the top of the AFC come next January.

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The New England Patriots acquire WR Odell Beckham Jr from the Cleveland Browns for CB Stephon Gilmore

This trade is one I have yet to see many people talk about being a possibility even though it makes perfect sense for both teams. Gilmore’s cap number for this year is around $16M and Beckham’s is around $15M so the contracts are a wash. Both players could also sign extensions which could lower those numbers as well. Then there is the need part. The Browns need another cornerback to pair with Pro Bowl CB Denzel Ward and the Patriots have a huge need at wide receiver as most know. The Browns offense opened up more once Beckham got injured and the offense had a much better flow which shows the Browns don’t necessarily “need” Beckaham. Another point that makes sense for New England is when they are trying to get a quarterback this offseason, the fact they have a playmaker like Beckham on the roster would make it easier to convince a veteran quarterback to want to join the team rather than having a group of underwhelming receivers. You’ve already seen Matthew Stafford not want to go to New England because of this issue. The Browns, on the other hand, are ready to win now and adding a shut down corner like Gilmore would help them especially when trying to slow down the top offenses in the AFC such as the reigning AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs – whom the Browns almost upended this year. Gilmore could be that piece to get them over the hump.

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