Devil’s Advocate | Colby’s Dilemma

Hey there Buzz Fans, as of yesterday we finally got the answer to exactly why we aren’t being treated to possibly the biggest fight of the year, Covington vs Masvidal. On Submission Radio yesterday Colby Covington finally told the world what happened with the fight that everyone was expecting.

After the Usman/Burns fight, Usman called out Masvidal, telling the world that he would end Masvidal, and that there was no way that Masvidal would ever take that fight with him, full camp or not. My question is, why Is Usman calling out a fighter in which he destroyed already? I mean that was not a close fight in any way shape or form, so I don’t understand why Usman sees Masvidal as a challenge. Usman says that Masvidal has been talking a lot of trash, well no one talks more trash than Colby Covington, and the Usman/Covington fight was in my eyes one of the greatest fights that I had ever seen. So why not run it back with Covington?

I understand that the Masvidal fight would be an easy pay day for Usman, but what about from the UFC’s standpoint? Why wouldn’t the UFC push for the Covington/Masvidal fight? That has dollar signs all over it, not to mention “The Ultimate Fighter” would have been straight fire with the two of them coaching with all the bad blood between them.

From Covington’s standpoint, he’s fought everyone the UFC has put in front of him, only lost one fight, and backed up everything he’s said and he’s rewarded with what? Not Jorge Masvidal, not another crack at Usman and the belt – no, he’s offered Leon Edwards with two weeks notice.

Covington has every right to be upset, he made a valid point in his interview, saying that other fighters from Europe have been fighting, and that Edwards has chosen not to fight. So once again, Covington is on an island by himself, and his only fault is that he is a victim of his own success. The UFC has shown us time and time again that apparently bad behavior gets rewarded, as they are apparently giving Masvidal another crack at Usman while Covington is apparently being punished by being a victim of his own success.

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