Devil’s Advocate | Welterweight Drama

So after this weekend, Kamaru Usman showed us just how dominant as a Champion he really is in the UFCs Welterweight division. He endured through the first round of Gilbert Burns crazy punching power, he had a game plan, he used his jab, and rose above the adversity. Usman knocked out Burns in the third round, but in my opinion had the fight won at about the middle of the second.

It was after his dominant performance that he perplexed (love that word) me, with his callout of Jorge Masvidal. I did agree with the fact that he said that Masvidal only took the fight with him last time because he had a built in excuse in case he lost (which he did). My question is what is happening in the Welterweight division? Why would Usman call out a guy who he easily dispatched the first time they fought? What happened to Covington/Masvidal? Why is Colby now slated to fight Leon Edwards?

I understand that Khamzat Chimeav has once again pulled out of the Edwards fight, who by the way hasn’t fought in almost two years. Masvidal apparently does not want to fight Covington, which is a real shame because with the built in back story, the hatred they have for each other now, it had dollar signs all over it. And apparently Masvidal doesn’t like the matchup is the ONLY THING that I can find on the internet, but there’s got to be more to that story. Right?

Now Stephen Thompson is on twitter saying that since Usman has beaten everyone in the top five, he should fight Thompson since he hasn’t beaten him yet. I would tend to agree with that and also think that Thompson actually has the best chance of beating Usman with his Karate point style fighting. I would love to see Covington/Usman do it again, in my opinion and apparently Dana Whites opinion it’s one of the greatest fights of all time. So why not run it again? In the post fight press conference Dana White said that if Usman wants to fight Masvidal, then apparently that’s what the fans want and he will make the fight. I think that if Masvidal had half a year to train, he still would not beat Kamaru Usman, so why make this fight? Because Usman wants it? In my opinion that’s just not good match making.

I can kind of agree that Edwards/Covington does make sense but its completely out of left field. But it is a battle of top contenders between #3 and #2, and in my opinion an easy fight for Covington. In the post fight conference when Dana announced the Covington/Edwards fight, not one reporter asked exactly what happened to Masvidal or the plans for him in the future.

So I ask you guys? What are the next moves for the Welterweight division?

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