What’s Buzzin’? | Feb 7 – Feb 13

Hey Buzz Fans! There is so much going on at The Buzz each week and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of it. Did you miss a podcast this week? No problem – we’ve got you covered!

Stand Your Ground | Premier League One Player Challenge

This week host Alex is joined by Jack of The Mighty Whites Podcast for a special team building show. The guys each tried to build the best current Premier League team while only able to have one player from a club. The teams consisted of 7 subs as well; meaning only 2 teams will miss the cut.

YouTube gave us some issues with this week’s episode, if the link below doesn’t work for you, you can catch it here!

DeBord Room | Super Bowl Fallout

Josh and Alex brought an in-depth breakdown of Super Bowl LV. Plus, get their thoughts on the Carson Wentz rumors as well as all rumors regarding NFL possible trades this offseason, and a breakdown of all the hottest news and rumors in the world of sports.

The Frozen Rope Podcast | Special Guest: Steve Perrault

Steve Perrault from Barstool and Red Sox podcast Section10 joined The Buzz’s John Hunter on The Frozen Rope podcast!

Regularly Scheduled Hostilities | Episode 82: Royal Rumble Fallout Show

Chuck, Yvonne, and Josh gave their top 5 love angles/storylines in the history of WWE in honor of Valentine’s Day. Plus, they had their picks and predictions for NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day and they broke down Raw and Smackdown, plus much more!

Between The Pipes | Season 2: Episode 10

Archie and Wade were back for another week of hockey with the latest headlines and recaps from the NHL. So many games, so little time – so much to talk about and they covered it all!

Between The Pipes | Archie Calls out Steve ‘Dangle’ Glynn.. and Edge!?

The Shit Show: A Half-Assed True Crime Podcast

This week, Sarah tells us a story about a love story, you know….for Valentine’s Day. Then Talysa goes old timey and covers a tragic murder in Maine. And there’s a quicky of the week too! Sarah tells us about the unsolved disappearance of Tyarra Williams, and Talysa tells us about the Mary Morris Murders, (Mary Henderson Morris and Mary McGinnis Morris.). The Shit Show TCP is available on various platforms!

The Betty Files

Join self-proclaimed “Dumpster Fires in Snapbacks,” Heather and Shea as they discuss all things 30, Dirty and Petty. The Bettys are up to something… stay tuned! In the meantime, be sure to check them out here!

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