Kevin Owens Discusses Handcuff Botch against Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble

The wrestling universe has been talking about the Kevin Owens versus Universal Champion Roman Reigns Last Man Standing Match at the WWE Royal Rumble Pay-per-view, not all of it was positive due to certain spots that evidently went wrong during this particular matchup. Kevin Owens made a recent appearance on The Jake Asman Show to talk about what has been referred to as the infamous “handcuff botch” that is the part of Owens and Reigns match that had fans talking, it happened in the closing stages of the contest.

Let’s describe the scene in case anyone did not get an opportunity to watch the match or the whole Royal Rumble show. Roman Reigns had been handcuffed to a metal structure. We then see Paul Heyman, Roman’s personal advocate, run over towards Reigns with a pair of keys to free “The Tribal Chief” and this was a plan to stop the referee’s 10 count in the Last Man Standing match. Reigns out of heelish desperation proceeded to knock out the first referee, but then a second referee stepped in and had to stop counting when he noticed Heyman could not unlock the handcuffs and you just felt bad for all involved here as it took Paul Heyman forever to get those cuffs off of the Universal Champion. Reigns finally had been freed to everyone’s amazement. Thank God that segment was over. There is no way the fans were going to let the talent and WWE off that easily after witnessing an apparent botch like that. So they stormed on Twitter and social media in general to vocalize their opinions about it.

Owens in gimmick has been robbed of winning the Universal Championship so he was complaining to the referee by saying he was cheated which had been. Owens had a case we know this to be true. But the heels always come prepared and have a plan to win even if they have to break the rules.

Owens said, “I’ve never been cheated by a referee that way before.” He may want to start making sure those refs are really qualified and not bought. I’m teasing now back to what Owens had to say. “Reigns brought handcuffs, I handcuffed him to something,” and with that Owens thought he had Reigns, “I really did have him. Some screw-ups from the referees,” Owens admitted. He would continue mentioning that he was sitting in his car without the Universal Championship. Owens said the match was just brutal and he was still recovering from it.

“I’m still in recovery from the Royal Rumble,” said the former Universal Champion Kevin Owens. “it was a pretty rough night. I was thrown off a 12-foot platform onto a bunch of tables, I got hit by a golf cart, I jumped off a forklift that was about 10 feet in the air, I burned my arm on a light that was part of the setup, and to top it all, I didn’t win because a referee got paid off or something.” See Kevin I told you, Heyman and Reigns are paying those referees to help them. Classic Heel tactics, you can’t trust Heyman and Reigns and apparently not referees either.

Things happened and don’t go according to plan sometimes. It won’t be the first or last time it occurs, they are professionals but they are still human and not perfect either. Mistakes are still going to take place.

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