Lady Vengeance Recap

We open the episode with Josh bragging about his elimination win, talking game with Leroy, Kam and Aneesa. Amber M seems shocked that Amber B stabbed her in the back for that last elimination vote and is now on the war path towards revenge. Devin did not miss an opportunity to remind her that Amber B came from a show where she was required to lie so let’s not be too shocked here and just take action. Amber M then approaches Amber B and lets her know that she is aware she voted her into elimination last week and lied to her about it. Amber B tries to throw her off the case by not answering her accusation at all and Kween Kam is delighted that the rookies are fighting. Kam approaches Nany who still needs her gold skull to run the final but as it turns out is not interested in going into an elimination against Theresa who as we all know is public enemy number one this week. Kam is on her own revenge mission, trying to get Theresa sent home so she continues her search for the person who will surely send Theresa home.

Theresa and Cory start talking about their children while working out and Theresa reveals she is having a particularly difficult time being away from her children and had suffered from postpartum depression in the past. Cory knows that struggle as his girlfriend has dealt with it and he feels very close to Theresa as a result.  Their new partnership is solidified as they bond as parents who struggle, which can be all parents really. It is so important for women to know they are not alone in the postpartum depression struggle, it is actually more common than one might think. Hopefully Theresa bringing light to this very real and common issue will help women speak up in order to get the help they need. If you or someone you know needs to seek out professional help, please do direct them to find a therapist in an online directory like www.psychologytoday.com or www.therapyden.com.  There is no shame in asking for help, and really it is just a click away.

The green light flashes throughout the house and we know it is challenge time. The challengers walk across the Icelandic landscape and we see a large metal stage suspended in midair over the ocean water. TJ, who now has the title of ‘Handler’ it seems, tells us that the next challenge will require the challengers to stand out on the stage suspended over freezing cold water. In Mission Interrogation, the challengers will be separated into two groups to compete in two separate heats. Each challenger will hold on to their individual bars as they are suspended over the water, as TJ asks them various trivia questions. If a challenger answers their question incorrectly, the bar they are holding onto will drop a tick, leaving them more vulnerable to falling in the freezing cold water below and they will need to use sheer strength to  hold themselves up and avoid being eliminated. Should they answer a question correctly, that challenger will be able to sabotage a competitor of their choosing by throwing the bar drop to that other competitor. Whoever stays up the longest and/or answers the most questions correctly will win the competition, become this week’s double agents and will win an additional $5,000  each curtesy of this week’s sponsor.

The first heat begins and Cory is up first. He gets a math question about square roots which he can’t answer so his bar gets dropped. He manages to stay on the platform and we realize this could be a long game including plenty of balance and core work. Nany gets her question wrong, then CT gets his question about area 51 correct so he drops Kyle’s bar a tick. Aneesa gets her questions about the face on decks of cards incorrect and TJ continues to have the best time of anyone as he drops the bars of various challengers, dropping them closer and closer to the water. Aneesa eventually falls in, Kyle drops until he is hanging by his arms only and starts screaming like he is about to be killed off in a horror film. Nany drops in then Kyle falls as he lets out one last shriek. CT falls next, then Cory, and Kaycee drops after announcing she believes wolves are vegetarians. Lolo drops for no reason what-so-ever leaving Devin and Darrell to fight it out. Devin doesn’t know the national animal of Scotland (unicorn!) and Darrell wins.

The second heat starts and Big T is so terrified of heights she just starts screaming while up on the platform. She manages to hang out for a bit before falling into the water. Amber B gets uncomfortable so she drops, Theresa isn’t sure about White House menu items so she falls next. Gabby falls then Josh, Leroy, and Fessy falls right when he answers a question correctly. Kam gets disqualified for leaning on an unapproved surface and Nam wins the heat. Back at the challenge sign we find out that Nam and Darrell are going head to head as the winners of this challenge. TJ announces Darrell held on the longest so he and Amber B are now the Double Agents for this week and won the additional $5,000 each.

The Challengers go out to their igloo for a fun night out and Amber B starts talking game. Nany points out that Theresa would surely win a final so it might be important to try and get her out this round. Amber B is pretty adamant that she wants to go in and get her skull if she can, depending on what the event is of course. Various challengers who openly hated on Amber B up until this very moment take the time to pretend to like and respect her much to the confusion of challengers who prefer to not flip flop depending on who is in power. Theresa hears she is probably going in and appears completely unbothered. She needs a gold skull to run the final anyway, so getting thrown into elimination will just get her closer to the final. Amber B essentially tells Kaycee she wants her to go in against Theresa and Kaycee actually seems to be very interested.  She says that she knows she can beat essentially anyone in an elimination and she feels the time is right to get her skull. 

Darrell and Amber B enter their private deliberation room and find out that Theresa and Cory have been voted into elimination by essentially the entire house. Amber B then has an awkward interaction with Darrell where she says she wont be sharing any information with him but she wants him to just do what she wants to do for this elimination. He agrees.  As a champion veteran I am inclined to trust his judgement, but Amber B seems to be making some weird moves. True to form, at the Crater, Amber B passes up the opportunity to earn her gold skull and throws in Kaycee instead, as promised. The challengers will compete in Operation Snapping Point. They start in the center of the crater in a ring with a dirt floor, facing opposite sides of the ring but harnessed together. When TJ gives the signal, they will have to rush to their individual sides to grab one of three rings at a time, which will each need to be thrown on one of three available posts. First female to hook all three rings wins their gold skull and sends their opponent home.

Kaycee and Theresa line up, tethered together back to back, and TJ blows the horn to signal the event’s start. The women race to their individual sides, both looking strong. Kaycee grabs her ring and darts off to one of her pegs while Theresa struggles to gain slack in her side of the rope. The women each pull their own sides of the rope as Kaycee is able to hook one of her pegs and Theresa grabs her first ring. Kaycee keeps scrambling around the sand, darting from side to side almost effortlessly while Theresa seems to be staying in one spot. It seems like all the challengers in the viewing booth are cheering for Kaycee and at one point Kaycee actually just picks up and drags Theresa across the sand to hook her final ring. Kaycee wins, and there are some surprised but impressed challengers in the viewing booth.

TJ sends Theresa home with much respect as she really did play a good game and she dedicates her season to her kids. She wants them to know they can do anything they put their minds to and hopes to stand as inspiration to them. TJ gives respect to Kaycee as he awards her with her gold skull, congratulating her on earning her ticket to the final.  TJ asks if she wants to stay with her partner Leroy, take Theresa’s partner Cory, or steal someone else’s partner. Kaycee chooses to stay with Leroy, showing loyalty to her long term partner, and gratitude for his help in getting her to her gold skull as promised. Amber M gets paired with Cory so looks like she will be going home next. The curse of being Cory’s partner just may continue to weed out the players until the end!

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