Carolina Bringing Out its Third Goalie for Tonight’s Game

The Carolina Hurricanes goaltending depth will be tested tonight with the announcement of Alex Nedeljkovic starting in net tonight against the Columbus blue Jackets.

Petr Mrazek is out with a hand injury sustained over a week ago. Reimer has now played in 5 games in 7 days so it could be time to give him a break.

Nedeljkovic’s last call up was right after David Ayres night in Toronto where he went 1-2-0. Reimer and Mrazek getting hurt at the same time last year was his first real chance to play multiple NHL games. During his call up, Nedeljkovic wasn’t terrible but he did not look like the Calder cup winning, AHL goalie of the year from 2019.

After Nedeljkovic the depth chart for Carolina isn’t necessarily the most dominant in the world so it’s Reimer and Ned until Mrazek is fully recovered from his thumb surgery. 

Nedeljkovic has another shot to prove his worth as the future of Hurricanes goaltending in this call up. Tonight could set the tone for the rest of the time he is with the Hurricanes until Mrazek is healthy. It could be he is feeling a lot of pressure at this critical point in his professional career to possibly make it to that next stepping stone to becoming an NHL regular.

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