What’s Buzzin’? | Jan 31 – Feb 6

Hey Buzz Fans! There is so much going on at The Buzz each week and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of it. Did you miss a podcast this week? No problem – we’ve got you covered!

Cage My IQ | Will Jake Paul beat Ben Askren?

On this episode, Daniel & Co. started a new format where they discuss news in the week of MMA with next week being a prediction-themed show. They talked about Jake Paul vs Ben Askren, a few fights being added to the schedule, who should fight Poirier, and has BJ Penn tarnished his legacy with recent poor decisions. Tell us what you think!

DeBord Room | Super Bowl Edition

This week, Josh and Alex gave their thoughts on the Stafford/Goff trade plus the two debated who was more important to New England’s success – Tom Brady or Bill Belichick? They broke down each area of each team to tell you who’s got the advantage and of course – their picks for Sunday’s big game!

That Arena Rock Show: The Podcast | Love Ballads

This week, Nikki Starr of That Arena Rock Show was once again joined by Seebass, The Buzz’s own, Josh DeBord and everyone’s favorite special guest and Nikki’s bandmate – TBone! With Valentines Day right around the corner, you can literally smell love in the air. Love songs can make a Valentine’s Day even better so this week the guys gave their top 10 love ballads of the ’70s and 80’s.

Working Fans Podcast | Episode 15

Producer Joe, The Man They Call Dave, and AJ Strangebrew talked best pure heels in their live 5-3-1, as well as the night’s MLW, AEW, and NXT cards. This week’s giveaway was for the Pro Wrestling Tee’s documentary “Behind The Merch”. Check the show out for details!

The Mane Line | Return of the King Switch

The crew were back at it for another week. The hot topic was who would win at New Beginning USA? Kenta or Moxley​. They also discussed Jon Moxley’s appearance on #njpwSTRONG, the return of Jay White and the new NEVER champion while also reviewing IMPACT and Preview AEW Dynamite. Its Showtime!

Armchair Wrestling | Royal Rumble Review

Alex and company looked at winners for both the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches and discussed who had a strong showing and who was quickly forgotten about.

Regularly Scheduled Hostilities | Episode 82: Royal Rumble Fallout Show

Chuck, Yvonne, and Josh were joined by special guest, Si Powell, from SJP Wrestling and The Chain Wrestling Podcast. The gang discussed all of the fallout from Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV and gave their early expectations for who the rumble winners will face at Wrestlemania. Plus the all the latest news and rumors from the world of professional wrestling!

Marital Nonsense | Cartoons

Remember shows like Rugrats, Doug, X-Men, etc? Luckily for Ben and Dena, they don’t have to remember as they’re still watching… in their 30s. Hear about the cartoons these two still watch, how sad it is, and why it’s fun at the same time. Ben is also free from Facebook (again.. for now). Hear all about the weekly nonsense on this latest episode of Marital Nonsense.

Between The Pipes | Season 2: Episode 9

Archie and Wade were back with returning special guest, Canadian singer/songwriter, Greg Rider!

The Buzz Presents | Adam King Interview

 Drew sat down for an exclusive interview with former contestant on #TheRealWorldParis, finalist from #GauntletIII – Adam King.

Whiskey Cinema | Denzel Washington Movies

This week the Whiskey Cinema guys were ecstatic to talk all things Denzel Washington. The actor who has been around for over 40 years has graced us with tons of great movies and the guys discussed their favorite ones, underrated releases, and overrated ones. Tune in, take a shot, and join the debate.

The Shit Show: A Half-Assed True Crime Podcast

In this weeks episode Talysa tells us about the disappearance and death of Alice Crimmins children, and Sarah tells us about Betty Lou Beets and her seven marriages. Available on various platforms!

The Betty Files: When Harry Met Betty

Join the Betty’s as they dive into the pool of unpopular opinions. Can men and women really be friends? Is Damon the better brother? And what kind of pants does Shea even wear? They cover this and much more this week on “The Betty Files”.

The Laughs & Rec Podcast

This week’s agenda: News Articles/Current Events

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