Buzzin’ Super Bowl Predictions

What’s up everyone – it’s the most anticipated sports day of the year, the event of all events, the party of all parties, the sporting event that brings people together whether they actually watch football or not – it’s the Super Bowl!

For most hardcore fans – this is the game of all games and for some it’s the bet of the year. For others, it’s all about the spread – and I’m not talking about no points spread, I’m talking about the epic table spread of Super Bowl snacks! For anyone not aware – Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers square off against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes is going for the repeat and Brady is going for number seven!

Now what fun would it be without some predictions!? Here are some of the best (and most bizarre) predictions from your crew here at The Buzz.

I’m just showing up for the snacks.

Talysa, The Shit Show: A Half Assed True Crime Podcast
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Josh: Bucs 38-35

Dave: Bucs 31-28

Archie: Bucs 31-17

Shea: Chiefs 32-28

I don’t sport. Sooo Chiefs 20-18.

Sarah, The Shit Show: A Half Assed True Crime Podcast
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Sam: Bucs

AJ StrangeBrew: Chiefs 35-24

Aaron Truesdale: Chiefs 41-20

Well when I imagine a buccaneer and a chief fighting I figure the buccaneer has a significant advantage because of the pistols and the blunderbuss while the chief probably only has tomahawks and shit. So I’ll go with the Buccaneers and I think they win by 3 units of points, however much that adds up to.

Miles Long, Laughs & Rec Podcast
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Shilo: Chiefs 31-24

Joseph: Chiefs 28-21

Producer Joe: Chiefs 28-14

Alex Bennison: Chiefs 21-17

John Hunter: Chiefs 24-21

Kerry: Bucs 27-21

Chiefs will win, 35-28. It’s going to be close going into the fourth quarter and Mahomes will win it with two minutes left. Mahomes will be MVP.

Daniel, Cage My IQ

Tom Brady is going to win this game today – 31-30 Tampa Bay with a 35-yard field goal to win. MVP? Leonard Fournette.

Drew, Game Winning Drive

Tampa Bay 38, Kansas City 28 – Patrick Mahomes will throw at least two interceptions this game. Tom will get his seventh, White will be MVP with 3 sacks.

Alex, Game Winning Drive

Well there you have it!

The festivities of Super Bowl LV kick off at 6:30pm ET live from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Enjoy the game, party safely (be responsible!), and don’t forget to social distance!!

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