Legendary Wrestler Butch Reed Passes Away

We have some very sad news to share today. Wrestling legend Butch Reed has passed away today, Friday February, 5th 2021 at the age of 66 due to heart complications. He had perfected his skills and excelled on both the Gridiron and the wrestling ring. Reed was your prototypical athlete. Reed’s college football career began at the University of Central Missouri, then later he would play professional football for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL.

Reed began to make an impression on people when he made the transition from a football player to a wrestler. Reed made his debut in 1978 becoming “Hacksaw” Butch Reed and he along with his partner Jerry Roberts defeated Mike George and Bob Sweetan to win the NWA Central States Tag Team Championships in 1980. From that point forward is where Reed’s career started to take off as he became a big name and prominent figure while wrestling for historic NWA wrestling territories that included St. Louis, Florida Championship Wrestling, and Georgia Championship Wrestling. Reed and Sweet Brown Sugar had beaten Dory Funk Jr. and David Von Erich back in 1982 and won the Florida version of the NWA North American Tag Team Championship.

Reed continued to establish himself as a dominating force in pro-wrestling when he debuted and worked in “Cowboy” Bill Watts in…

The Mid-South Wrestling Territory Years 1983-1986

Reed became their big heel facing one of Mid-South’s biggest and most over babyfaces and another legend the Junkyard Dog. He would go on to face many other top iconic stars. He also battled “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan over the name “Hacksaw,” because it was both men’s nicknames at the time. Butch Reed’s success only grew more due to him winning the Mid-South North American Championship on July 16th, 1983. Reed also feuded with Magnum T.A who would defeat Reed for the North American Title in Mid-South.

Reed then spent the year of 1986 working for Bob Giegel’s NWA Central States promotion in Kansas City, Missouri. Reed made any team work it didn’t matter who his tag team partners were. He and Rufus R. Jones teamed up to form the Soul Patrol. Reed would turn heel on Jones by aligning himself with Slick in 1986 and here’s an interesting fact, Slick was in reality the real-life son of Rufus R. Jones. After his feud with Jones came to an end. Reed found himself taking on Bruiser Brody. In the summer of 1986, Reed lost a Loser leaves Town match to Brody and left NWA Central States with Slick after that.

The WWF Years 1986-1988

In 1986, Both Reed and his manager Slick were brought in and signed together by the WWF. Reed had to dye his hair blown and now his new nickname was “The Natural” Butch Reed. He began to feud with a lot of the big WWF Stars, like Tito Santana. Reed would make his WrestleMania debut in 1987 at WrestleMania III against Koko B. Ware where thousands of fans inside the Pontiac Silverdome and fans viewing the event on pay-per-view that included viewers who were watching on both a national and global scale witnessed Reed defeat Ware.

Reed also began a program with Intercontinental Champion Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Reed became a member of Andre The Giant’s team to face Hulk Hogan’s team at the first ever Survivor Series PPV in 1987. Reed got eliminated by Hogan and he was the first elimination in the match. Reed also competed in the First ever Royal Rumble Match in January of 1988 and competed in the first round of the WrestleMania IV championship tournament against The Macho Man Randy Savage. 

Jim Crockett Promotions/NWA/WCW 1988-1992

Butch Reed made his return to the NWA, this time wrestling for Jim Crockett Promotions and he dropped “The Natural” gimmick and went back to being know as “Hacksaw” Butch Reed. He and JYD, The Junkyard Dog would rekindle their rivalry that began during both men’s Mid-South Wrestling days. Reed was managed by the great J.J. Dillion, and later on we would see Reed lose in a match to Sting at the Chi-Town Rumble on February 20th, 1989.

Reed’s career found new life and a rejuvenation when he along with Ron Simmons became the tag-team Doom who would be managed by Woman. The duo were nothing short of impressive, holding their own against other legendary tag-teams in the Steiner Brothers, The Road Warriors, and The Samoan Swat Team. Doom became the NWA Tag Team Champions by defeating The Steiner Brothers at WCW’s May PPV called Capital Combat: The return of Robo Cop. They were managed by Teddy Long during this time.

We are sending our condolences and prayers to the family, friends, and fans as we remember the wrestling icon. RIP Butch Reed July 11, 1954 -February 5, 2021. Sir you will be greatly missed and thank you for all your contributions to both Football and Wrestling.

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