Devil’s Advocate | Frankie Edgar vs Cory Sandhagen

Hey Buzz Fans, we have a big-time UFC action coming up this weekend with Alistair Overeem taking on up and coming Alexander Volkov. But to me the big fight of this card is the co-main event, when MMA legend Frankie Edgar tries to make another championship run taking on #2 ranked Cory Sandhagen for the co-main event.

If I can quote the great Chael P. Sonnen, “Frankie Edgar is your favorite fighter’s favorite fighter.” Anytime you get treated to a Frankie Edgar fight, you know you are gonna get a show that day. Frankie has just about done it all in the UFC – he’s fought the very best in the UFC, from winning the lightweight championship from another MMA legend, B.J Penn, to beating him two more times, all the way to the exciting Gray Maynard trilogy. Edgar came into the UFC an unbeaten fighter and his first bout was against another unbeaten fighter, Tyson Griffin, all the way back at UFC 67. In this fight we really got to see what we could expect from Edgar in every fight, his tremendous heart. Edgar was caught in a very deep kneebar and refused to tap, and eventually went on to win a unanimous decision.

The same heart that we witnessed showed up big in the second and third fights when he beat Gray Maynard. He eventually moved on to the featherweight division to beat guys like Jose Aldo and a superfight with Urijah Faber in which he would win a unanimous decision. Although he fought Aldo twice, he lost both fights. He even putting on a good performance against a man who would become legendary himself, Max Holloway. That was a very interesting fight, but eventually Holloway did win.

Now we see Edgar has moved to the Bantamweight division, and over a span of 14 years, Frankie is still very relevant in 2021. The last time we saw Frankie in action was when he beat Pedro Munhoz on July 15, 2020. Now, in 2021 Frankie is still fighting the very best in the UFC has to offer when he takes on #2 ranked Cory Sandhagen this Saturday. The NCAA division 1 wrestler was quoted saying in a recent interview “The day that I don’t wanna face the best guys, maybe I shouldn’t be fighting.” In this weekend’s fight with Sandhagen, he will be doing just that, fighting the best.

“The Sandman” is currently 13-2 and is coming off of a huge win against Marlon Moraes on October 11, 2020 at UFC Fight Night 179. So this Saturday we will see if Sandhagen can keep this momentum. We will see if he is up to the challenge of getting in the Octagon against an absolute legend of the game. Or will Frankie Edgar do what we are so used to seeing him do, and that’s be the underdog and prove everyone wrong?

Time will tell, what are you guys thoughts about Edgar/Sandhagen?

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