What is Carlito’s Status with WWE?

Ever since Carlito made his return as a surprise entrant at this Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble, many are asking if Carlito will be back in a more full-time role within the company. It is believed that the former Intercontinental Champion is likely to be on a three-week trial basis for WWE.

Carlito has not been in WWE since he debuted for them in 2010. Apparently if you believe the rumors, MVP has been lobbying hard for Carlito to have a role either as a wrestler or possibly as a producer in WWE. Triple H is said to be the one who agreed upon letting Carlito have a trial run so to speak. Carlito may be close to signing with the company once again. Carlito is reportedly getting raved reviews for his in-ring work lately and his physical condition since his return. It was just last year in the 2020 Royal Rumble that MVP returned to WWE and he’s been a producer while also wrestling and is someone who helps out talent in a producer role by passing down valuable information to superstars.

MVP signed a multi-year contract last August. MVP will be employed by WWE for a long time to come. MVP’s career has been reinvigorated with being a leader of the Hurt Business on Raw, which proved to WWE MVP was a great investment and now Carlito might be able to see the same type of results if both sides can come to a agreement to have him back full-time.

Carlito can still wrestle and would make a great producer for WWE. Are you a fan of Carlito?

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