Black History Month | Tyler Perry

As we are celebrating Black History Month in our nation and also here at The Buzz, I would be misguided if I didn’t write an article about the brilliance and the courage of Tyler Perry.

Mr. Perry gave the world Madea and made that character into an icon. In the year 2000, Perry brought Madea to life at a play called “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” After 20 something years and a string of so many movies about his character Madea, she is now a household name. Perry also dipped his hands in the world of television, including House of Pain. Perry has also strived in other ventures in cinema with Alex Cross (2012), Gone Girl (2014), Vice (2018), and Star Trek.

Perry struggled in the beginning of his life and contemplated suicied at the age of 16. He fought through that darkness and was inspired by an episode on Oprah Winfrey’s show where they talked about having breakthroughs through personal experiences. Perry saved so much money by working odd jobs to produce the play that he wrote. In 1992, after saving 12,000 dollars he bought a stage for a weekend and only 30 people showed up. They didn’t turn Perry away from what he felt God was calling him to do.

After so many years his big break finally came in 1998, where his musical “I know I’ve Been Changed” was a critical hit for all audiences and this play moved into theaters across the nation. Diary of a Mad Black Women hit the silver screens in 2004 and went on to make $50 million. There was something there for urban black culture as the crowds were showing up. Black culture was being highlighted in cinema through a powerful and hopeful lens thanks to Tyler Perry. Tyler’s box office in total is currently at 1,024,494,330. This ranks him all-time at #171. Wow.

In October 2019, his ultimate dream was finally coming true. After so many years of work since 1992, Perry was able to buy land. Not just any type of land he bought the land that was a former confederate military base in Atlanta. Let that sink in people. A black man bought the land that was used for a confederate military base. A 330 acre lot that is now called Tyler Perry Studios that has had Black Panther and The Walking Dead filmed there. He is the first African American to own a major film production studio. He’s creating jobs and helping the economy for his people in the Atlanta area.

All in all this man is a legend and a hero for everyone but especially for his followers. The struggles were real for Tyler, but through all of the adversity, he made it and he attributes his success to his beliefs and strong faith. His movies and shows are molded through his strong values. Thank you Tyler Perry for your courage and strength through the world of entertainment and cinema.

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