Former WWE Star Cast in Stephen Amell’s New Wrestling Show “Heels”

It’s been no secret to those who follow actor Stephen Amell that he is a huge professional wrestling fan and was also the star of CW’s popular hit television series “Arrow.” Amell himself has even got involved in wrestling. This superhero is guaranteed to pack a punch inside the squared circle. Amell has his own new series on Starz and what do you know his show is based on wrestling, in fact it’s title is “Heels.” Amell has recruited none other than CM Punk for the series.

Heels will chronicle Amell’s return to the ring after being absent from it for a long period of time. The actor took to Twitter to reveal former WWE Superstar CM Punk will be joining the show.  Let’s just say to see CM Punk make his return to a wrestling ring is big news in itself. Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, made a controversial exit from WWE in 2014 in what’s been described as a very unexpected end. Punk made a vow that he would never ever return to wrestling. Punk then went on to pursue a career in UFC and he’s done acting as well. Punk did come back in a non-wrestling capacity and was a co-host when WWE debuted WWE backstage on FS1. Punk proved that he was a man of his word by keeping true to his promise of not stepping inside the wrestling ring – at least not yet never say never as the old saying goes.

We’re still awaiting more details on what CM Punk’s role will be at this time. Given his experience of personifying a great wrestling heel and being so creative with gimmicks, storylines and promos, I can imagine what the tag-team combination of Amell and CM Punk could do for Heels. If you need an edge and an outspoken personality then who better than CM Punk.

I’m excited about a new wrestling show coming soon. I want to know who else is excited, share your opinions with us.

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