Devil’s Advocate | Burns vs Usman Preview

Buzz-Fans are you guys ready to kick off the new year with a couple of action packed months full of MMA action? I know I’m ready, we’ve got the month of January which is gonna be a blockbuster month and a tell-tale year for the future of the lightweight division. We’ve got the return of Conor McGregor taking on a very game Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier. Michael Chandler debuts in the UFC taking on the man that I think could be the spoiler in the lightweight division in Dan “Hangman” Hooker.

Then we’ve got February coming next with a Championship fight in my favorite division, the Welterweights. Kamaru Usman is taking on Gilbert Burns in what I think is going to be a very interesting fight. A Lot of the casual fans who don’t really follow Burns are already chalking this fight up as an easy win for Usman, simply because they aren’t aware of how talented the man really is. Gilbert Burns is currently on a six fight win streak, one of those includes absolutely out classing a former world champion in Tyron Woodley. That fight was supposed to be Woodley’s tune up fight to get his rematch with Usman, but unlucky for him, Burns came to fight. A lot like the Woodley fight, people are still sleeping on Burns in this matchup. Don’t get me wrong, love him or hate him (usually how it goes with Usman) the man can fight.

He has all the potential to be a world champion for a long time, he’s that good. His wrestling is off the charts, has extremely heavy hands, truly the total package, and currently on a 16 fight win streak. He’s beaten the very best the division has thrown at him, from winning the belt by annihilation against Woodley, to what I consider one of the greatest fights I’ve ever seen, beating Colby Covington. The question is, will he actually wrestle Burns and try for the takedown? If he does get Burns down, what will he be able to do with him. Burns is a three time world champion grappler and is a World Cup Gold Medalist. Not only is he an absolute beast on his feet, his striking has improved over time and has serious knock out power. Don’t believe me? Just ask Tyron Woodley who got floored in the very first round with a heavy right cross. So for all those that think this is gonna be a walk in the park for Usman, I’d say you’re sadly mistaken.

So, I’m not quite sure how this fight is really gonna play out, Usman has proven that he’s got a solid chin in the Covington fight. But then again Colby strikes a lot like Nick Diaz, high output strikes and only uses half of his power. “Durinho” on the other hand swings for the fences with every shot, putting his full force into a punch. But then again, so does Usman, so for me I think that this fight is going to be a very entertaining fight. And I think that because of the fan’s sheer boredom with the ultra dry Kamaru Usman and their lack of knowledge of Gilbert Burns this fight has the potential to be a very great fight for the fans. Then there’s the question to be asked after the fight, who will be the next contender?

You’ve got Colby who’s always lurking for that title shot and Wonderboy who is rising back to the top fast, but after that there isn’t much left. Woodley is out of title contention with a three fight losing streak. I know that Masvidal is still there but honestly I’m of the mind that Jorge’s star is fading fast, but he is still in the top ten. So as I stated earlier I think this main event is gonna be a very interesting fight to say the least. A matchup of Usman’s dominant wrestling versus Burns elite level grappling and submission game, should turn out to be a championship caliber game of chess to see just who is going to be the Welterweight Champion of the world.

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