Adele | The Voice That Changed Pop Music

As an avid listener of popular music beginning at such a young age to this very day, I’ve heard so many great voices throughout my childhood. It’s hard to remember where I was when I first heard the song “Rolling in the Deep.” I do remember thinking who was this and that voice is surely an angel and I’m very serious when I say her voice sounded like an instrument from Heaven. So, naturally I was thinking to myself who this lady is and then after doing some research came to find out her name was Adele and she was from England. I decided I needed to listen and find more of her songs, she’s phenomenal. 

Her voice truly changed how many viewed popular music. To be honest with you I was not always a big fan of pop music during that time. I mean there would be certain bands or songs but none of them moved me enough to take my mind to such a peaceful place. Even the few that did, it had been a while. There was another song Adele released off the album titled “21” that proved very successful and monumental in establishing her as a pop vocal powerhouse, the song was “Set Fire to the Rain.” Just taking in her melodic sense of timing and melodies I was hooked on her music. I also greatly enjoy Adele’s first hit off her first album “19” called “Chasing Pavements.” Still my fandom began by discovering, listening to Adele’s album “21.”

The other big hit track from that same album was “Someone Like You.” Going back to really study this song thoroughly what I’ve found out is it’s not like a typical break-up song or just a plain ol’ love ballad, the story of the song makes a huge difference, making you feel her pain and emotion. Adele is really singing from her heart when she sings those lyrics. Adele represented a type of artist who could have flourished back in the 1990’s, 1980’s, 1970’s, and honestly before those decades. Her music transcends genres and the era in which we heard those beautiful piano riffs and glorious vocal notes by a singer’s kind of singer in Adele. The woman never ceases to amaze me with her vocal technique and vocal ability in conveying such a message which can connect to her audience and her enormous fan base globally. 

Upon doing a little homework when wanting to write this specific piece about the famous singer extraordinaire, I want to relate some important dates and facts to about Adele’s songs and her album “21.” This album did so well on the music charts, it stayed on top of the Billboard 200 chart for an impeccable 200 weeks making a historic statement. Also the album sold over 14 million copies earning a diamond certification, not to mention it was the best selling album of the year in both 2011 and 2012. Six Grammys Awards were awarded for “21” alone, talk about being impressive and a force in not only music but culture in itself. The album was released in Europe on January 24, 2011 and came out in the United States on February 22, in that same year.

Adele has such a musical gift and it was her voice that was a real, special instrument and her vocals and the way her band composed with collaborative song-writing efforts gave the world hope that there’s great music in pop music once again. Adele’s voice is one you never get bored with and it resonates as its so smooth, fluent, and soothing, it gives you chills in a positive and good way.

Most of the time when people discuss Adele they automatically go back and bring those big hit songs that I just mentioned earlier and that album “21” and there’s a reason to celebrate such a masterpiece and why to have a dialogue about it. It is so significant because it turns 10 years old in 2021. Adele made reference to the album celebrating it’s 10 year Anniversary by posting a message to her social media where she wrote “Happy 10 years old friend.”

So do yourself a favor and listen to an Adele song, talk about a gift. Just open your mind, ears, heart, and simply listen. Thank You Adele, I’m a huge fan and supporter of your music.

Who’s a fan of Adele? What’s your favorite Adele song? Leave a comment below.

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