What’s Buzzin’? | Jan 24 – Jan 30

Hey Buzz Fans! There is so much going on at The Buzz each week and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of it. Did you miss a podcast this week? No problem – we’ve got you covered!

Whiskey Cinema | All Things Dreamworks

Dano, Jordan, and Brandon breaking in their new home in style. The theme this past week was Prank Movies! They talked Jackass, Super Troopers, Borat, Impractical Jokers and more. Enjoy!

Stand Your Ground | The FA Cup

On this week’s episode, Alex, Jack, and KC discussed all the latest news from the EPL and the title race so far.

Cage My IQ | Will McGregor Be In Top Form?

On this bonus episode with special guest, Dave from The Working Fans Podcast, the guys broke down and reviewed UFC 257. Who they liked, what disappointed them, and their choices for fight of the night as well as the top KO. They also discussed which UFC fighters could transition to Pro Wrestling and some similarities between Dana White and Vince McMahon. Check it out!

DeBord Room | Championship Edition

On this episode, Josh and Alex discuss the whether the Cleveland Cavaliers are for real after their two wins over Brooklyn. They broke down the NFC and AFC Championship games and the guys played the Quarterback Match Game. Plus all the latest in the world of sports!

The Buzz Presents | Interview with Marie Roda

This week Drew and Dan had the pleasure of interviewing a woman who is no stranger to The Challenge – Marie Roda. This one was a doozy! No filters! So be sure to grab a drink and enjoy the podcast because Marie brought a whole new level of entertainment to live interviews.

Working Fans Podcast | Tag Team Wrestling

Producer Joe, AJ Strangebrew and The Man They Call Dave had everyone’s favorite live 5-3-1 on top heel turns. In addition, the crew recapped the night’s MLW, AEW, and NXT cards. They also introduced a giveaway for an Ultimate Warrior shirt. Tune in to find out more details!

The Mane Line | Who Will Kenny Omega Wrestle Next?

This week, Gary, Tyler, and Daniel previewed AEW Dynamite. They also talked about Lita’s confession, IMPACT Hard to Kill, and NJPW Road to New Beginning. Its Showtime!

Armchair Wrestling | Special Guest: Petey Williams

Alex and KC interviewed one if Impact Wrestling’s originals, top X-Division star and inventor of the ‘Canadian Destroyer’, Petey Williams. Check it out!

The Buzz Presents | Interview with Lio Rush

Daniel and Archie had the pleasure of interviewing a man who has appeared on The Challenge and is known worldwide for his wrestling craft – Lio Rush. Check out his inspirational interview with the guys!

Regularly Scheduled Hostilities | Episode 81: Royal Rumble Show

This week, Chuck, Yvonne, and Josh were joined by fellow Buzz podcaster, Alex Bennison. The group discussed one of the most anticipated wrestling events of the year – the Royal Rumble. Check out their thoughts and predictions leading up to the event!

Frozen Rope Podcast

On this episode of Frozen Rope, John is joined by The Buzz’s Dave Prinz. They talked trades, free agency, and no hall of famers voted in this year. They also talked about the upcoming spring training and moves that recent trades and transactions. Get your cleats and gear ready because it’s time to swing for the fences.

Between The Pipes | Season 2 – Episode 7

Archie and Wade are back for another week of hockey with the latest headlines and recaps from the NHL. So many games, so little time! Let’s go!

Armchair Wrestling | Royal Rumble Edition

Armchair Wrestling was back to look at the Royal Rumble one last time before the event takes place on Sunday! With a live sweepstakes taking place and one lucky viewer winning a free Armchair Wrestling hoodie!!

The Shit Show: A Half-Assed True Crime Podcast

This week Sarah covered a douchebag doctor who is human garbage. Talysa told us about a road rage incident that ended in a mystery. What happened to Adam Emery? Available on various platforms!

The Betty Files: The Chronicles of Mr. Clean

Is it Netflix and childhood trauma or is Mercury just back in retrograde again? The Betties are getting off (on tangents) yet again so grab your little black books and your air buds (if you know, you know); you’re listening to the Betty (Tangents) Files.

The Laughs & Rec Podcast

This week’s agenda: funny articles.

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