Titans Officially Cast Tim Drake

Earlier today many sites began reporting that Jay Lycurgo was cast as Tim Drake in the HBO Max show Titans. I, like many others, was fairly skeptical, seeing as the rumor started from a Facebook group. But as the day went on sites began reporting the same news and the rumor began to gain credibility.

We can now say for certain it’s official, as the actor took to twitter to celebrate the news. Jay Lycero is also appearing in 2022’s The Batman film, as a member of a gang that wears face paint. This led to much confusion over whether or not the two roles were connected, and many fans were quick to point out that based on the timeline of the film and the show, a connection was not likely. Jay’s tweet seems to confirm that there is no connection between the two roles, but that doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t be excited to see him in the role.

Tim Drake is the third character to pick up the mantle of Robin, after Dick Grayson (Who leaves the role to become Nightwing), and Jason Todd (Who dies in the role before returning as Red Hood). With us seeing both Dick Grayson and Jason Todd as Robin in the first two seasons of Titans, and Jason Todd confirmed to be taking up the Red Hood Mantle in season 3, it only makes sense that Tim Drake is stepping into the role. Titans season 3 will mark the characters live action debut, just as the show also marked the first live action appearance of Jason Todd.

As a fan favorite and highly important character in the DC universe, it’s a wonder it took this long for the character to appear in live action. But fans can now rest assured Tim Drake will finally be lacing up his boots in a live action DC property.

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